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  • Wicked Local Winchester Wicked Local Winchester

    The Mom Stop: The power of positive parenting

    Wicked Local Winchester - 09/18/17

    And then they push a girl off a swing on the preschool playground, or kick a boy in P.E., and it makes you question every ounce of your parenting thus far. I might be in Bad behavior merits red or yellow, good behavior means green, blue or purple

  • The Independent The Independent

    Featured Pendleton Art Center artist will show a variety of media during tonight's First Friday art walk

    The Independent - 09/01/17

    The watercolor floral “New England Asters” shows deep purple flowers with yellow centers. “When I lived in n Boy Scout Pack 1100 will host the Boy Scout Cubmobile Derby at 6 p.m. on 15th Street between Winchester and Greenup avenues. Any Boy Scout

  • American Rifleman (press release) (blog) American Rifleman (press release) (blog)

    Final Winchester Bullet Board Up For Auction: Model 1866 Yellow Boy

    American Rifleman (press release) (blog) - 12/19/16

    The bullet board features an anniversary model of the Winchester Model 1866 “Yellow Boy”, originally manufactured in 1871 and chambered for the original 44 Henry Rimfire cartridge, and will go to whomever has submitted the highest bid by 11 p.m. CST on 

  • AmmoLand Shooting Sports News AmmoLand Shooting Sports News

    Winchester Repeating Arms Named Company of the Year by Sporting Classics Magazine

    AmmoLand Shooting Sports News - 03/29/17

    “The innovation started with the 1866 lever-action Yellow Boy, the first Winchester-branded rifle and the first commercially successful repeating rifle ever. The Yellow Boy is still being made today. Next came the stronger, iron-framed Model 1873 lever

  • American Rifleman (press release) (blog) American Rifleman (press release) (blog)

    Winchester Repeating Arms Announces New Model 1866 Short Rifle

    American Rifleman (press release) (blog) - 04/12/17

    The legendary Model 1866 rifle—the first rifle to wear the Winchester brand—is now available from Winchester Repeating Arms in a Grade I Short Rifle. This makes the “Yellow Boy” experience readily affordable for cowboy action competitors, hunters


Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy" - Internet Movie ... The Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy" and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:

Winchester rifle - Wikipedia The first Winchester rifle – the Winchester Model 1866 – was originally chambered for the rimfire.44 Henry. Nicknamed the "Yellow Boy" because of its receiver of ...

Winchester 1866 Yellow boy UBERTI - BG ROMANS WINCHESTER MODELE 1866 "YELLOW BOY" Fabriquée par UBERTI . LA CARABINE "YELLOW BOY", la Winchester Modèle "66" qu'on ne présente plus ! ! Ce modèle est celui ...

Winchester's "Genuine Yellow Boy" 1866 for 2017 ... 151 years later, Winchester has reintroduced a gun they’re calling the genuine Yellow Boy. It’s a brass-framed version of their current production ...

Winchester — Wikipédia Lieux. Winchester désigne : Angleterre. Winchester, ville du Hampshire. Cathédrale de Winchester; Diocèse de Winchester; Université de Winchester