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Winchester XP3 12GA Slug 300 Grain Gel Test

Winchester XP3 12GA Slug 300 Grain Gel Test 10% Gel @ 10 Feet with Mossberg 835 24" Rifled Slug barrel


XP3 | Winchester Ammunition

The XP3 tin-core slug is built for greater expansion on impact and is extremely lethal. It includes a polymer tip for improved down-range ballistics as well as a patented sabot design for high accuracy. The XP3 slug sets the standard for hunting and embodies the quality and innovation that Winchester is known for worldwide.

Rifle Ammo | Winchester Ammunition

Winchester's rifle ammo features the latest technology in accuracy and velocity, resulting in a variety of top performing bullets ideal for shooters of all skill levels at an outstanding value.

Winchester (Win.) Supreme Elite XP3 Centerfire Rifle ...

Winchester supplied sample Supreme Elite ammunition with the new XP3 bullet to Guns and Shooting Online in .308 Winchester/150 grain (stock # SXP308) and .270 Winchester/150 grain (stock # SXP270W) calibers. The sectional density (SD) of all .308"/150 grain bullets is .226, while the SD of all .277"/150 grain bullets is .279.

Winchester XP3 : Précision, Puissance et Pénétration [chasse]

Exclusivité Winchester, la nouvelle munition de grande chasse Suprême Elite XP3 est en vente sur le marché français depuis quelques mois et devrait séduire bon nombre de chasseurs de grand ...

Winchester XP3 - Animation

Winchester' Supreme Elite shows superior expansion to most lines on the market, as is shown in this animation. http://www ...