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    - 12/08/17
  • American Hunter (press release) (blog) American Hunter (press release) (blog)

    Bullets for African Plains Game

    American Hunter (press release) (blog) - 07/15/17

    In subsequent safaris I had similar success with the .325 WSM, .300 Winchester and Weatherby magnums, .30-06 Springfield, 7mm Remington Magnum, .308 Winchester and even a .243 Winchester. Bullets varied from the Barnes TTSX to the Swift A-Frame and

  • Guns Magazine Guns Magazine

    Slugging Away

    Guns Magazine - 07/11/16

    Our A-Bolt Stalker proved quite capable of sub-2-inch groups with Winchester XP3 and Hornady American Whitetail sabots at 100 (the best was right at 1-1/2 inches). Rifled slug performance with Federal TruBall at that yardage fell off considerably from

  • The Ledger (blog) The Ledger (blog)

    Winter Florida Boar Hunting

    The Ledger (blog) - 02/19/13

    1. Solo hunt a stand near a feeder, probably with my .50 Cal. Knight Disc Rifle – since I had a load crammed in there needing to be expelled, anyhow. 2. Drive the ranch to spot-and-stalk hogs with my buddies while BS-ing and surveying the property's

  • (press release)

    Ruger's Gunsite Scout Rifle – A Rifle For All The Right Reasons (press release) - 12/10/12

    Armed with a couple of boxes of Winchester XP3 .308 Ammo with a polymer tipped 150 grain bullet, we sighted the GSR in on paper at 3-inches high at 100 yards. Referencing the Ballistic Reticle Calculator (BRC) which is available for anyone's use from


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