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    - 12/02/17

    Multiple Arrests Reported at November North End Public Safety Meeting - 11/06/17

    Boston Police District A-1 provided an update on recent neighborhood crime incidents, summarized below, at the November 2017 North End Public Safety Meeting. Arrests -Vandalism / Trespassing: 10/8/17 @ 10:37pm at 232 Hanover St.: Four males from

  • The Daily Caller

    Gun Test: Winchester Super X4 Shotgun

    The Daily Caller - 07/27/17

    Ten years ago, the world was introduced to the Winchester Super X3 (SX3), a gas-operated semi-auto shotgun that won its merits in speed and reliability. That same year, I got to put my hands on the older SX2 in a sunbaked duck blind in the least ducky


    Gun Review: Winchester Super X3 autoloader shotgun (VIDEO) - 08/12/15

    Winchester cut weight by swapping the standard steel magazine tube with aluminum alloy, shaving ¾ of a pound and bringing our primary test model SX3 Waterfowl Hunter in at seven pounds. An integral brass ring on the aluminum tube ensures longevity and

  • Task & Purpose Task & Purpose

    Winchester Just Dropped Some Brand New Pump-Action Shotgun Models

    Task & Purpose - 05/26/17

    winchester shotguns sxp shadow marine defender photo Photo via Winchester Repeating Arms. The SXP Shadow Marine Defender. After spending years building its ammo-production business, the company “has been on a roll over the past few years” when it comes


Winchester Super X3 - YouTube The bold look of the Super X3 is more than just aesthetic. The stock, grip and forearm dimensions are slimmer for a lighter, more controlled feel.

Shotguns - Winchester Repeating Arms Contact 275 Winchester Avenue Morgan, UT 84050 800-333-3288 801-876-2711

New Winchester Super X3 Sporting Adjustable Shotgun - The ... Winchester’s unveiled their Super X3 Sporting shotgun. For serious clay shooters (as opposed to Ralph and me who are always making jokes), the SX3S’s lightweight ...

Winchester Super X3 Waterfowl Sporting shotgun. - Cabela's Winchester® SX3 Waterfowl Storting 3-1/2” Semiautomatic Shotgun

Super X3 - Winchester Repeating Arms Be part of the Super X3 following. Shooters of Super X3 shotguns are a quiet bunch. They don't say too much or brag too much. They just go about their business taking ...