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Winchester SX3 vs. SX4 Semi Auto Shotgun Review| Gould Brothers

With the recent release of the Winchester SX4 semi-auto shotgun, many people wondering what the difference is between the SX4 and the SX3. In this video we break down the major differences...


Super X3 - Winchester rifle

The Super X3 mechanism has undergone testing where a total of 5,000 rounds were fired without a single malfunction. Ammunition and other conditions can affect results, but 5,000 rounds under any conditions is extraordinary and reaffirms the integrity and durability of the Winchester Super X3 design. The Super X3 is critic tested.

Super X3 - Current Products - Winchester rifle

Super X3 - Current Products This is the core lineup of the Super X3 Shotguns currently being produced by Winchester Repeating Arms - the fastest cycling, most reliable and best patterning autoloader you'll ever own.

Winchester Super X3

The bold look of the Super X3 is more than just aesthetic. The stock, grip and forearm dimensions are slimmer for a lighter, more controlled feel. Contributing to the feeling of lightness is an ...

Gun Review: Winchester Super X3 autoloader shotgun (VIDEO)

Winchester’s Super X3, or SX3, is a gas-operated semiautomatic shotgun built by FN in Belgium using what the company calls “Active Valve” technology.

Winchester® SX3 Black Shadow Semiautomatic Shotguns

The worse the weather, the better the hunt with Winchester SX3 Black Shadow Semiautomatic Shotguns. The rugged stock, grip and forearm are slimmer for a lighter, more controlled feel and perfect balance.

gargoyle winchestercathedral andymorffew morffew
Winchester Cathedral - detail
An HDR x3 image of a gargoyle on the West side of Winchester Cathedral, above the main doors. Looks best on a black background - click on image. Thank you for visiting, I always appreciate your views, favs, invites...
Photo by Andy Morffew on Flickr
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St James Villas x3 Winchester 1830
Photo by :Duncan on Flickr
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In loving memory
A view from Winchester Hill here in the South UK towards sunset. HDR of 5 images at f25 at +/- 1 ev steps. Processed in Photomatix then edited in psp x3.
Photo by Spinnakertog on Flickr