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Winchester Wildcat .22lr...Match Grade accuracy?

Just a quick review of the light and handy russian made Winchester .22 that exhibited some of the finest accuracy I have ever seen using High velocity ammo and just a 4x scope at 50 yards....


Winchester Wildcat .22 LR rifle

The Winchester Wildcat .22 Long Rifle semi-automatic sporting rifle marks the return of a well-known name on the company catalog, albeit in a brand new and modern vest for the discerning sport ...

Winchester Wildcat 22 Long Rifle 40 Grain LRN

The Winchester Wildcat 22 Long Rifle ammo is ideal for varmint hunting applications. Wildcat produces excellent accuracy, sure functioning, and offers a lubricated bullet. Winchester Wildcat 22 Long Rifle is new production, non-corrosive, reloadable, and features boxer primer and brass casing.

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Description: Winchester Wildcat, .22LR bolt action rifle. Unleash the Winchester® Wildcat, the most accurate rimfire rifle to hit the range in recent memory. The Wildcat rifle’s checkered hardwood stock features the familiar look of the historic centerfire Model 70 Featherweight, complete with a ...

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Rimfires - Winchester Wildcat and Browning T-Bolt I shot one 22 bolt-action rifle that was unmarked except for the "22 Long Rifle" stamped on the side of the heavy barrel. It was apparently an unmarked specimen of Winchester's new Wildcat model (I later saw this same rifle on display as a Wildcat at the SHOT Show), and it left me unimpressed.

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The Winchester Wildcat .22 LR ammo is constructed with a conventional 40-grain round nose lead bullet. The Wildcat cruises at about 1,225 fps at the barrel’s edge and speeds along at 1,017 fps as it crosses the 100 yards line.

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Old Wildcat!
and quite a bargain.
Photo by Mojave Desert on Flickr