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Winchester 1873 Rubberband Gun Tutorial: Winchester 1873 carbine Rubberband Gun made of wood -please subscribe. new rubber band gun videos coming soon- ...

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this electric 6v rubber band gun shoots 16 bands a sec. holds up to 900 rubber bands. a single stringing is 225 can load on top of that 3 more times to hold 900 total. it is 35" long and 12" tall comes with a display stand. included with the gun is 600 rubber bands. requires 4 AA batteries

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Materials: -4mm plywood ca. 1200x900mm-8mm hardwood ca. 600x140mm-14mm hardwood ca. 500x130mm-2x ø2mm nail (steel)-ø16mm hardwood dowel 263mm-ø16mm hardwood dowel 142mm-ø8mm hardwood dowel ca. 150mm-ø5mm hardwood dowel 50mm-ø4mm hardwood dowel ca. 450mm-2x screw 3,5x16mm (countersunk)-1x screw 3x12mm (countersunk)-2x screw 3x20mm (countersunk)-2x screw 3x25mm (countersunk)-1x spring ...

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Product Description. The Magnum AK-47 Combat Rifle was modeled after the classic stylings of the popular rifle designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov and used in many Eastern bloc nations during the Cold War.

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Marlin 39 vs. Winchester 9422 A Subjective and Opinionated Comparison By Tom Boyle “Traditional” lever action .22rifles, to my mind, is an exclusive category comprising only two rifles----the Marlin 39 in its several variations, and the Winchester 9422.

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The Winchester® Model 94 Lever-Action Rifle is one of the most proven hunting rifles ever made. The lightweight and fast handling Model 94 delivers reliable, rapid fire with cartridges powerful enough for deer, bear, and hogs.