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Winchester Ranger 26 Dial Safe, Black by Winchester

  • Standard with external welded cast steel strap hinges and a door...
  • With three layers of fireboard in the door, two layers in the body,...
  • This R-5930-26-7-M in particular, the Ranger deluxe 26 weighs 605...



Winchester Ranger 26 Dial Safe, Gunmetal by Winchester

  • With three layers of fireboard in the door, two layers in the body,...
  • 28 gun capacity
  • 12 Gauge steel body, Drill resistant hard plate, auxiliary...

Winchester Ranger Deluxe 1 Hour Fire Safe - 24 Rifle Safe - R19 - Grey - Group II UL Listed S&G Mechanical Lock Standard - Door Panel Organization Included - 1 Hour 1400 Degree Rating - Three Layers Of 1/2 Inch Fireboard In The Door - Palusol Heat

  • 1 Hour/1400 degree rating - Three layers of 1/2" fireboard in the door
  • Composite door construction - 12 Gauge body construction
  • Two layers of 5/8" fireboard in the body - Palusol heat expandable...



Red Dot RD25 Rifle Scope in Matte Black by Winchester

  • 60 Minute Fire Rating @ 1400°F
  • Weight: 1002lbs
  • Internal Dimensions: 55"(H) x 51.5"(W) x 20.5"(D)

Winchester Ranger T-Series 9mm +P+ 127 gr JHP AMMO TEST

Simple penetration and expansion test of the Winchester Ranger T-Series 9mm +P+ 127 gr JHP using a diluted form of SIM-TEST Ballistic Testing Media. This format is comparable to ballistic...


Winchester LE

Where to buy. Winchester has Law Enforcement Ammunition distributors located throughout the Unites States and Canada for LE sales only.

Winchester Ammunition

Winchester Ammunition manufactures ammo for all shooting activities: hunting ammo, shooting, target ammo, and personal defense ammo. Winchester offers rifle ammo ...

Winchester Ranger 230-Grain .45 ACP - Handguns

Winchester's Ranger ammunition line is aimed strictly at the law enforcement community, and the ammunition is only available through distributors that so cater.

Ranger T - Winchester LE

When a situation unfolds, so does the Ranger® T Series handgun ammunition. With an unbeatable combination of expansion and penetration enhanced by engineered ...

Winchester Ranger Deluxe 19-11-M Gun Safe; 24 Gun Capacity ...

Winchester Ranger Deluxe 19-11-M Gun Safe; 24 Gun Capacity (Granite) (Mechanical Lock) Affordable Deal Affordable deals on Winchester Ranger Deluxe 19-11-M Gun Safe ...

That Was the Year That Was - 1967
1967 the continued presence of American troops increased further and a total of 475,000 were serving in Vietnam and the peace rallies were multiplying as the number of protesters against the war increased....
Photo by brizzle born and bred on Flickr
2017 gb actic england entertainers eu hampshire hatfair spectators stmauricescovert streetfair urbansafari winchester
Rangers from Urban Safari capture a dangerous human during the 2017 Hat Fair in Winchester, England
The UK's longest running festival of outdoor arts, Hat Fair takes its name from the old tradition of putting money into busker's hats at the end of their show.
Photo by Anguskirk on Flickr
red shells shotgun ammo winchester ammunition buckshot shotgunshell 00buck
Winchester Ranger 00 Buck
8 pellet low recoil 00 buck. Nickle plated low brass.
Photo by mr.smashy on Flickr