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"Cheyenne" Winchester Quarantine (TV Episode 1961) - IMDb

Directed by Paul Landres. With Clint Walker, Susan Cummings, Ross Elliott, Denver Pyle. When his herd is wiped out by Texas Fever, Cheyenne is asked by a beautiful woman to help push her herd which carries the fever through a quarantine. He soon realizes she has other plans for him nor does want to infect more cattle.

TSHA | Winchester Quarantine

Winchester Quarantine. The so-called Winchester Quarantine was an extralegal device instigated in the early 1880s by Panhandle ranchers to stop the northward movement of cattle that might be infested with disease-carrying cattle ticks.

"Have Gun - Will Travel" Winchester Quarantine (TV Episode ...

The title "Winchester Quarantine" alludes to the Winchester rifle, a comprehensive term describing a series of lever-action repeating rifles manufactured by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. Developed from the 1860 Henry rifle, Winchester rifles were among the earliest repeaters. The Model 1873 was particularly successful, being marketed by ...

Winchester College Quarantine - a reflection

Winchester College Quarantine - a reflection. It is truly perplexing how staying at school in quarantine has felt more free than the regular holidays. There is no doubt that COVID-19 has made easy work out of our usual holiday plans, thus we’ve been stuck in this monotonous cycle, with no major stimuli in sight.

Winchester Quarantine | Cheyenne Wiki | Fandom

A Texas woman tries to woo Cheyenne into agreeing to move her herd through a cattle quarantine. Cattle are dropping down dead with a feverish sickness that is decimating herds across the county. New rancher Cheyenne Bodie is ready to all it quits. His dream of having his own ranch is disappearing as his herd dwindles from the fever.

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John M. Dunsmore (2)
Co. F, 110th PA. Infantry The Chanute Daily Tribune, Mar. 13, 1922 COL. J. M. DUNSMORE OF THAYER DEAD FUNERAL SERVICES AT 3 TOMORROW Grief Stricken, He Survives His Wife Only Eleven Days-- Helped Make Kansas...
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