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Winchester PDX1 12 Defender (12 gauge) Gel Ammo Test

Review and gel test of the Winchester PDX1 12 Defender, 2 ¾" shell. This is an interesting load, combining a 1 oz Foster rifled slug with three pellets of plated 00 buckshot; muzzle velocity...

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  • Buck and ball: An age old military tactic meets modern self-defense loads

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    Two fairly well-known products that contain such payloads are Multi-Defense Buckshot offered by the Italian ammo maker Centurion and the 12 gauge PDX1 rounds offered by Winchester. The payload of the Centurion shells consist of a .650 inch diameter 

  • 3 Handy Guns for Your Trunk

    The Winchester PDX1 Defender 3" long shell (which I lovingly refer to as the Black Mamba) is packed with four copper plated defense discs and 16 pieces of copper-platted BB size shot pellet for a total payload weight of 410 gr. (~15/16 oz.) traveling

  • Tested: Henry Single-Shot Shotguns and Rifles

    (H015B-12) shotgun. The receiver is not actually made of brass (which is soft, heavy and tends to stretch out of spec eventually) but a much more durable proprietary brass-plated alloy called Brasslite, which is treated with a clear coating to preserve

  • Taming the New Bond Arms Texan with Mag-Na-Port

    Shot patterns were between 15" to covering the entire 12"x18" target at just 10 feet. There was no Officially known as the 3" Winchester PDX1 Defender, this round is one of the heaviest (if not the heaviest) available on the commercial market. It


Winchester PDX1 Defender 12 Segmented Rifled Slug and ...

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Winchester Ammunition manufactures ammo for all shooting activities: hunting ammo, shooting, target ammo, and personal defense ammo. Winchester offers rifle ammo, shotgun ammo, and handgun ammo.

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