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  • FOX 61 FOX 61

    Hartford man arrested after confessing to leaving guns, ammunition at a park in '16

    FOX 61 - 08/11/17

    HARTFORD — Police have arrested Brayan Villegas, 26, after he confessed to discharging a shotgun, fleeing the scene, and abandoning the shotgun at a playground in 2016. Police said they conducted an investigation and obtained an arrest warrant for 


    Buck and ball: An age old military tactic meets modern self-defense loads - 06/23/17

    Two fairly well-known products that contain such payloads are Multi-Defense Buckshot offered by the Italian ammo maker Centurion and the 12 gauge PDX1 rounds offered by Winchester. The payload of the Centurion shells consist of a .650 inch diameter 

  • American Rifleman (press release) (blog) American Rifleman (press release) (blog)

    Tested: IFG Howdah 45/410 Double-Barrel Pistol

    American Rifleman (press release) (blog) - 12/01/16

    The Winchester PDX1 Defender 2½" shell is packed with three copper plated “defense disks” and 12 pieces of BB size shot. The mixed payload struck slightly left of center of the target (from the left barrel) with the three defence disks forming a 1

  • Shooting Illustrated (press release) (blog) Shooting Illustrated (press release) (blog)

    How to Use a Shotgun for Home Defense

    Shooting Illustrated (press release) (blog) - 02/07/17

    Even non-gun folks somehow know a shotgun is a great choice for defending the home. No doubt millions of Americans have Remington 1100s, 870s, Model 12s, Mossbergs and old doubles stashed in their closets—just in case they go duck hunting or have 

  • Outdoor Life Magazine (blog) Outdoor Life Magazine (blog)

    Slow-Mo Video: Winchester PDX1 Slug vs. Watermelon

    Outdoor Life Magazine (blog) - 11/08/12

    Back in August I attended a ladies-only personal defense event hosted by Winchester and Sound Gear, where we got up close and personal with PDX1 Defender ammo. In this video, I shot a watermelon from 12 feet away with a 12-gauge Winchester 


Winchester PDX1-12 Defender The 12-gauge Supreme Elite® PDX1 features a distinctive black hull, black oxide high-base head and 3 pellets of Grex® buffered 00 plated buckshot nested ...

Do NOT use Winchester PDX1 12ga for home defense Do NOT use Winchester PDX1 12ga for home defense ... The claims made by Winchester about PDX1 are not true ... Winchester PDX1 12 Defender ...

Winchester PDX1 12 Defender (12 gauge) Gel Ammo Test Review and gel test of the Winchester PDX1 12 Defender, 2 ¾" shell. This is an interesting load, combining a 1 oz Foster rifled slug with three pellets of ...

New from Winchester: PDX1 12 Defender Ammo - The Truth ... On the face of it, Winchester’s PDX1 12 Defender ammo doesn’t make a lot of sense. Buckshot is for personal defense. Shotguns slugs are for long distance love (or ...

The Winchester PDX1 Defender ... - Winchester Ammunition Winchester Ammunition. Search. Go! Main Menu. 150th Anniversary; Products. New Products; Rifle Ammunition; Shotshell Ammunition; Handgun Ammunition; ... PDX1 12 ...