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    BLACK SABBATH Legend TONY IOMMI Writes Arrangement For Birmingham Cathedral As Gift For City

    BLABBERMOUTH.NET - 01/05/17

    Called "How Good It Is", the song features the BLACK SABBATH star on acoustic guitar, with lyrics inspired by Psalm 133. Sixty-eight-year-old Tony, Dean Ogle will soon be leaving Birmingham to become Dean at Winchester Cathedral. She played a

  • Seven Days Seven Days

    Composer Nico Muhly Talks Vermont and Joyful Curation

    Seven Days - 08/23/17

    There were, like, 25 people in Winchester Cathedral, which is this enormous, fabulous thing. And the music is . The way that we built [Planetarium] was so palimpsestic that sometimes the music came first, and the lyrics came way afterwards. But, for

  • Hampshire Chronicle Hampshire Chronicle

    Winchester woman features on Jay-z album

    Hampshire Chronicle - 07/07/17

    It is understood that some of the lyrics on the track for example, directly address Jay Z's guilt over infidelity. She joined Foundation Music as a student in her third year and has since became a Creative Director at the university where she

  • Daily Echo Daily Echo

    New take on Winchester Cathedral song 50 years on...

    Daily Echo - 03/16/16

    A new arrangement by Winchester Cathedral's Director of Music, Andrew Lumsden, has recently been recorded by its Boy Choristers and was released last week. So now, with the same catchy tune and whistling intro, Winchester Cathedral's 'beautiful bells 

  • WAMU 88.5

    1966 Vs. 1971: When 'Rock 'n' Roll' Became 'Rock,' And What We Lost

    WAMU 88.5 - 09/24/16

    When he notes, “The year 1971 was the age of the Marshall stack, of mutually assured tinnitus,” or observes that Yes's lyrics “had to be celestial poetry because they clearly made no sense on this earth,” his mix of garrulousness and dry wit makes


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