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  • Outdoor Life Magazine (blog)

    7 Tips to Make Reloading Shotgun Shells Easier

    Outdoor Life Magazine (blog) - 08/16/12

    Winchester AA and Remington STS hulls are the two most common, highest-quality hulls for reloading available today. They have brass heads and durable plastic cases that last for quite a few reloads. You can either buy factory loads and save the hulls

  • Daily Caller

    What happened to the 16 gauge shotgun?

    Daily Caller - 08/20/13

    Even the hulls were not as good; where a 12-gauge man could shoot Federal Gold Medal, Winchester AA, or Remington Premier STS and reload his own, 16-gauge shotshells used old technology and could not be reloaded nearly as well. When it comes to 

  • Field and Stream (blog)

    New Shotgun Ammo: Winchester AA Feather

    Field and Stream (blog) - 06/07/12

    Winchester just announced the addition of the 20 gauge Featherlite to the AA line and that is a Good Thing. The 20 gauge Featherlites have 7/8 ounce of shot at just 980 fps. The slow velocity makes them very soft shooting and, because they are subsonic

  • Field and Stream (blog)

    Shotgun Review: Franchi Aspire

    Field and Stream (blog) - 03/21/14

    The Aspire has subdued, classic looks: an oil-finished AA walnut stock and an unadorned, case-colored rounded receiver. The stock . Both of my friends with 16's reload, one has found the Winchester Super X game load hulls reload fairly well. Just


    ShotShell Reloading Basics - 01/05/13

    Let us say that you have a couple of hundred red Winchester AA hulls for starters. Next you need a charge bar that will throw the proper amount of shot and powder. Mec makes quite a few bars plus an adjustable to cover various loads. They have charts


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Winchester AA-HS gray 12ga 2.75" once-fired (100/bag ... Winchester AA High Strength Once-Fired hulls, 8pt crimp, Gray/Smoke Tube, 100/bg

The original Winchester AA vs the new Super-Handicap hull The 'original' Winchester® tapered AA® hull (note that the wall of the hull thickens toward the base) The new AA High Strength® hulls : Winchester advises that the ...

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