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Claybuster AA 1 oz 500 Bag Wads by Claybuster

  • Replaces the Winchester waa12sl
  • Intended as an economical wad replacement for name brand Wads,...
  • Aa 1oz- Compatible

Claybuster 20GA 7/8 oz (AA) Wads by Claybuster

  • Intended as an economical wad replacement for name brand Wads,...
  • Replaces the Winchester Waa20
  • 20Ga- 7/8oz

got winchest? - Stainless Steel 20oz Road Ready Water Bottle, White by Molandra Products

  • Your custom high-end graphic printed with the latest tech, so it...
  • Comfortable shape for easy handling and quick hydration
  • Hand wash only

got winchest? - 5oz Round Drinking Alcohol Flask, Matte Black by Knick Knack Gifts

  • A perfect gift for the raging alcoholic in your life or that...
  • A discrete 5oz stainless steel round flask that fits easily in your...
  • Parties or drinking alone, it don't matter. Whiskey, Rum, Vodka, or...

Winchester AA 12ga hulls difference Grey vs Red.

Here is a few differences I found in the Winchester AA hulls. They are not all built the same anymore. I load each of these differently as to get the best load for each particular hull. With...

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    09/30/18 ,via
  • Reloading: Handloading slugs to increase hunting range, decrease costs

    03/25/17 ,via

    Equipment and components needed for basic slug reloading include (from left to right) a shotshell reloading press such as the Lee Load-All, powder, powder funnel, a scale, powder trickler, and powder dipper, slugs, and Winchester AA shotshell hulls.

  • 7 Tips to Make Reloading Shotgun Shells Easier

    Winchester AA and Remington STS hulls are the two most common, highest-quality hulls for reloading available today. They have brass heads and durable plastic cases that last for quite a few reloads. You can either buy factory loads and save the hulls

  • 3 Reasons You Should Use Light Loads for Upland Bird Hunting

    09/08/17 ,via Outdoor Life Magazine

    I remember my dad when I carry his Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight. For this 12-gauge, I load Winchester AA hulls with W209 primers, 16.5 grains of Clays, and 1 oz. of No. 7 ½s or 8s in a Ballistic Products CB4100-12B wad. Velocity is 1,125 fps and the

  • New Shotgun Ammo: Winchester AA Feather

    06/07/12 ,via Field and Stream (blog)

    but in a cheaper, less reloadable hull than the AA. The best thing about these new loads is that they now qualify for the excellent AA $2 a box rebate bringing the price down into line with most cheap target loads and leaving you with hulls you can

Directory • Winchester AA 28 Gauge Hull (CF)

I still have some of the old Winchester AA 28 gauge hulls , compression formed (non HS hull) and the Claybuster pink wad. For a 1200 fps skeet load how much 20/28 powder would you use.

Once Fired Shotshell Hulls at Ballistic Products

Browse our selection of once fired hull from Federal, Remington, and Winchester. Ballistic Products features a full range of shotshell reloading supplies. • 28 ga. hulls

Try a magnet on the side of the bases to see if they are steel (magnetic) or brass (non-magnetic). (Not the bottom - primer are magnetic.) Winchester-brand AA-HS 28 ga. hulls use a brass (non-magnetic) base.

XL Series - Downrange Manufacturing

The flagship of this line - fits Remington STS and Winchester AA hulls and can also be used for 1 1/8 with Federal Gold Metal hulls.

Recipes for Gun Club hulls - Shooters Forum

I am interested in seeing what anyone has for Remmy Gun Club hulls, I had a guy at my club tell me he uses Red dot, windjammer wads and Winchester 209 primers but I haven't found any data to support this claim.