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Winchester AA 12ga hulls difference Grey vs Red.

Here is a few differences I found in the Winchester AA hulls. They are not all built the same anymore. I load each of these differently as to get the best load for each particular hull. With...


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What is the difference between old style Winchester AA and ...

The older Win AA hulls were molded in one piece while the new HS hulls are two piece. Looking inside the new HS hulls you can see the lip of the bottom base that resembles a base wad. Here's an explanation with pics. Winchester says use the same data for both. The older hulls were best!

The original Winchester AA vs the new Super-Handicap hull

The 'original' Winchester® tapered AA® hull (note that the wall of the hull thickens toward the base) The new AA High Strength® hulls : Winchester advises that the original Win AA and the new Win AA-HS hulls are interchangeable. In the general sense of speed and pressure this may be true.