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    - 12/02/17
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    Felon's air-powered BB gun is no 'firearm,' Minnesota Supreme Court rules Press - 10/19/16

    “Haywood was in possession of an air-powered BB gun: a Walther CP99 Compact pistol, which fires a projectile measuring .177 of an inch in diameter, using compressed air — not gunpowder or any other explosive force — as a propellant. Under the plain

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    Court ruling makes Minnesota latest state to call BB gun 'firearm'

    Fox News - 09/29/15

    Case in point: Minnesota, where the Court of Appeals ruled on Monday to uphold the conviction of David Lee Haywood for possession of a “firearm” – in this case a Walther CP99 Compact .177-caliber BB gun. Haywood wasn't allowed to own a handgun after a


    Minnesota Supreme Court finds that a BB gun is not a firearm - 10/20/16

    Following an inventory search of his vehicle, officers found a Walther CP99 Compact BB gun inside the glove compartment and charged him with being a felon in possession of a firearm. Though Haywood's attorney challenged state law as being too vague as


    Walther P99c AS: The forgotten carry gun - 04/25/13

    Originally designed for police use, the Walther P99 began production in 1997 in 9mm and .40 S&W calibers. It was originally designed for service use, as it is a full size handgun holding 16+1 in 9mm and 12+1 in .40 caliber, but what set the Walther


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