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642 S&W .38 Special (Airweight J frame)

Demonstration of possibly the most popular little .38 Special revolver, the Model 642 Airweight from Smith & Wesson. Also, the S&W Model 65 .357 Magnum. I didn't make it clear in the video,...

Gun Review: Colt Cobra sets standard for snubbie revolvers (VIDEO) -

Snake guns could not be hotter these days, and with the revived Cobra, Colt makes their first re-entry into the beloved reptilian market. Can the new Colt Cobra hold a candle to the original?

The double-action, stainless steel Cobra revolver is built for concealability. The small-framed, two-inch barrel, and unloaded 25-ounce weight makes this an ideal carry gun or backup arm. The...


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[Review] Smith & Wesson 642 Airweight: Go-To Snubbie ...

The Smith and Wesson Model 642 Airweight is a five-round revolver. Grips are the usual black synthetic and are panels rather than a sleeve. The Model 642 Airweight has an integral groove rear sight and integral front blade sight which has the benefit of not shifting if the gun is knocked around but the downside of being harder to acquire on targets.

S&W Airweight Review - A Badass Little Revolver For ...

S&W Airweight Review. Today I’m going to review the Smith and Wesson Airweight.. Specifically, the model 637 because it’s the one I own. The 637 is a SA/DA weapon chambered in 38 Special and rated for Plus P rounds (we’ll talk more about the slight difference of the 642 models a bit later).All S&W Airweight models hold five shots, and they are very compact at only 6.31” long with a 1 ...

Gun Review: Smith & Wesson 37 Airweight ::

The Smith & Wesson Airweight features a two-inch barrel for massive concealed-carry effectiveness. It probably wouldn’t be your first pick for shooting cans off the fence at 50 yards with it ...

Smith & Wesson 642 Airweight Double-Action Revolver | Bass ...

The streamline, lightweight, no-snag design of the Smith & Wesson® Model 642 Airweight® makes it an ideal concealed carry double-action revolver. The internal hammer of the 642 eliminates the risk of the hammer getting snagged on clothing, holsters, or purses when drawing the weapon in a self-defense situation.

Smith and Wesson Airweight .38 Review - Business and Bullets

Smith and Wesson Airweight .38 Review. May 31, 2016 by Lloyd. People love to ask me what the best all-around handgun is for them. I ask them a few things about their lifestyle so I can give a recommendation, but I’ve already got their answer in mind. I already know what I’m going to tell them.

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