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Does Expired Pepper Spray Still Spray? Cold Steel Inferno (Expired In 2012)

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Pepper Spray Expiration & Storage: How long does it last ...

Pepper spray is an excellent self defense tool anyone can be trained to use easily and effectively. During an attack or a potential attack, pepper spray can help you save your life or the life of another! However, there are a few things many people don’t know about pepper spray including the fact it doesn’t last forever.

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Fox Lab Pepper Spray Expiration. As you browse the Internet, you will find that various brands of defense sprays have different lengths of time for their shelf life (expiration dates). It can get confusing. Water-based units may have the potential for a longer life than solvent-based formulas because of the gaskets and solvents that are used ...

Does Pepper Spray or Mace expire? – Pepper Spray Center Blog

Does pepper spray have an expiration date? Does it lose power over a certain time period? Just wondering, had a conversation with a co-employee, of which has a daughter in college and she stated that her daughter has been carrying the same bottle for over two year.

Pepper spray expiration dates explained.

Scott Fowler (NW Self Defense Products) explains the importance of manufacture and expiration dates on pepper spray.

Pepper Spray Frequently Asked Questions | SABRE

The manufacturer cannot be held responsible if the spray has exceeded its expiration date or if the expiration date is no longer visible. At what temperature should I store my SABRE pepper spray ? Do not leave your SABRE pepper spray in any area that may exceed 120° F (48.88 ° C) or drop below 32° F (0 ° C). Excessive heat or cold may cause ...