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Do "Fanny Packs" Scream Gun?

This video is addressing my opinion on whether or not fanny packs give away the fact that you are armed. I recount a personal experience I had just this week as an example.


Top 5 Best Fanny Pack Holsters for Concealed Carry in 2020 ...

While fanny packs are no longer fashionable, it is extremely comfortable to use. This is especially true when you have to carry a pistol with you. This is why we have put five fanny pack holsters to the test. We want to be able to determine the best fanny pack holster that you can use among the many options available.

Concealed Carry Fanny Pack Pistol Pouch - 5.11 Tactical

Covert carry pistol pouch was designed to carry small firearms for quick deployment. Store your pistol & magazines in the covert pouch donned with Hot Tabs for quick deployment keeping you safe and controlled.


This is a short video that talks about why fanny packs are not dumb. I wear fanny packs to carry concealed fairly often, and i am always asked why. So this video is to show you why i think it is a ... pistol fanny pack

ComfortTac Ultimate Fanny Pack Holster Fits Glock 42, 43, 26, 27, S&W Bodyguard, Shield, Springfield XDs, Taurus, Sig, and Most Subcompact and Compact Pistols | Black

The 4 Best Fanny Pack Holsters for Concealed Carry

Fanny packs may be a throwback but you will be seeing a lot more of them not because we have all decided that fanny packs are once again a great accessory but because the fanny pack holsters offer a great way to carry your gun. There are some key attributes that the fanny pack holsters offer that other holsters do not.