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Preparedmind101 takes a look at a compact crossbow pistol that is more than capable of taking small game and is affordable to just about anyone. BUY ON PM101 STORE:

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This pistol crossbow comes with a picatinny rail and is available with a red dot sight! #2 Kings Archery Pistol Crossbow. Nearly identical to the Prophecy bow we reviewed above, this lever cocking bow features a more prominent brass coloring. If you’re purchasing a hand crossbow for the stealth factor, this shiny yellow metal may be a turn ...

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80lb Self-Cocking Metal Pistol Mini Cobra Crossbow With Scope And Bolts. $59.99. 80lb Self-Cocking Pistol Mini Cobra Crossbow With Scope And Bolts. $44.99. 80lb Metal Barrel Pistol Mini Cobra Crossbow With Arrow Holder. $27.99. Bolt 80 lb Self Cocking Pistol Hunting Crossbow. $39.99. Bolt 80 lb Self Cocking Pistol Hunting Crossbow Red ...

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The Prophecy pistol crossbow has a simple design, with very few parts that are not likely to confuse any beginner on first use. It features an adjustable rear sight and a front bead sight. These two aiming aids work in harmony to help you direct your shot accurately towards the target and will help you learn and balance between range and accuracy, especially when doing some target practice.

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How powerful is a pistol crossbow? One of the most powerful crossbows is the SAS 150-Pound pistol crossbow. This has the ability to shoot projectiles at speeds of up to 210 feet per second. The energy is transferred via the limbs of the crossbow and can deliver a decisive blow to your target in as little as one shot.

15 Best pistol crossbows on the market in 2020

Pistol-style, self-cocking crossbow with strong plastic body and compressed molded fiberglass bow 80-pound draw; fires crossbow arrows at speeds of 165 FPS (feet per second) Ideal for both small game hunting and target practice

crossbow pistolcrossbow
I found a pistol crossbow behind the wardrobe. It was a birthday present from my brother many years ago and I totally forgot I had it.
Photo by Lady T 220 on Flickr
chinese olympus pistol crossbow 50lb
Pistol Crossbow
a picture of my 50lb Chinese-made pistol crossbow
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Crossbow Pistol
I'm pretty sure these are illegal.
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