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Business Name Card Holder,Pistol and Stamen,Business Card Case Stainless Steel,Old Gun Business Card Box by Flying pig men

  • 2.Size:3.6"*2.4"*0.4"IN,1.9 OZ;Holds about 13-20 business cards.
  • 3.Function:Can be used to carry business cards, credit cards, ID...
  • 1.Material: High Quality Stainless Steel .

Yanteng Mirror,Travel Mirror,Pistol and Stamen,Round Mirror,Old Gun,Pocket Mirror,Portable Mirror by Yanteng

  • 3.Size 2.25 ""diameter mirrors, and 0.25"" thick
  • 2.Double mirror, easy to carry. or it is car or put backpack is the...
  • 5.Can accept the pattern customization, custom pattern please...

Cigarette Holder Case,Pistol and Stamen,Cigarette case Wallet,Old Gun,Business Card Holder Business Card Case Stainless by Flying pig man

  • 3. Have a pattern that never fades, Silver-white surface with a...
  • 4.Sturdy and beautiful shell to prevent cellulose deformation.
  • 2. Gold size: 4 "* 2.3" * 0.8 "(inch)/10.2*5.8*1.8 cm;

Comfortable Mouse Pad,Pistol and Stamen,Old Gun,Mouse Pad with Stitched Edges by Flying pig man

  • 2.No-slip rubber undersurface firmly grips the desktop;
  • 5.Three sizes are available ,quick delivery.
  • 3.Fabric topped and rubber backed construction;


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red stamen pistol tulip
Red #2
Photo by heart-felt-robot on Flickr
flowers day52 day52365 365the2015edition 3652015 21feb15
The Flower Within
Compositionally Challenged, Week 7, 2015, Frame It Maybe a stretch for this challenge, but 3 petals are sorta framing the pistol and stamens. If anyone disagrees, I will take it down without protest. 365 day 52 My...
Photo by BriarCraft on Flickr
macro water rain drop drip dew stamen refraction piatol
drops of pistol and stamen
more water drop photos - this time with a depth of field that lets you see the background objects that are being refracted in the water drops.
Photo by Steve took it on Flickr