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  • We Are The Mighty (blog) We Are The Mighty (blog)

    These are some of the most amazing homemade tanks ever

    We Are The Mighty (blog) - 09/05/17

    In 2008, a Kettering University student wanted a decisive advantage during paintball tournaments. So, he and some friends built a half-scale Tiger tank with an air cannon and 360-degree turret. Yeah… if you see this, you know you're coming out second

  • Boing Boing Boing Boing

    Paintball Sentry Gun vs Toddlers - no contest

    Boing Boing - 05/27/14

    Paintball Sentry Gun ($649) I bought the Heavy Turret version which I swear was not $649 when I bought it but I thought it was kinda underpriced so there you go. Also comes in mini-turret size if you're more of a plug and play kind of mom or dad ($378).

  • VentureBeat VentureBeat

    You can shoot Call of Duty fans with a paintball gun from the comfort of your desk

    VentureBeat - 09/02/16

    Activision is giving you control of a paintball gun at its Call of Duty XP 2016 fan event. If you go to the Twitch Plays Nuketown livestreaming video channel today, you can input commands for a chaingun filled with paintballs. You can use this to fire

  • Geek Geek

    Open source sentry gun means guaranteed paintball victory

    Geek - 03/30/12

    But if you've been in search of something incredibly cool to spend your time on, perhaps something that involves an Arduino, open source software, and paintball or airsoft guns, then keep right on reading. Rudolph Labs' Project Sentry Gun is a start-to

  • Hardcore Gamer Hardcore Gamer

    Play Call of Duty Nuketown Paintball Live From Your PC

    Hardcore Gamer - 09/03/16

    By using emotes in the chat, you will have the ability to directly participate in the paintball action and give the players on the ground at COD XP some unexpected obstacles. Paintball versions of a sentry gun, smoke grenades, and C4 can be deployed


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