BlackGun.Info Paintball Turret Gun

Real-Life Sentry Gun / Aim Bot / Gun Turret / Turret Sentry (video 8 of 18) - Automated, target tracking, hands-free sentry gun! This video is old! click my name to see newer videos of this system.


Gladiator II Paintball Sentry Gun

This is the Gladiator II paintball sentry from Project Sentry Gun. This sentry is fully autonomous - there is no human controlling it. After the World Maker Faire in NY, I will be selling this ...

Fully Automated Paintball Sentry Gun (video 17 of 18)

- This videos demonstrates the newer turret kit and targeting software available on our website.

Paint Ball Turret | Inventgeek

Paint Ball Turret. Inventgeek — ... Through the last two years of research this paintball turret has evolved through many different versions to arrive at the refined version it is today. ... The Paintball Gun (marker) : For this project I chose to use the Icon-E Marker for a couple reasons.

Autonomous Paintball Sentry Gun: 7 Steps -

To control the movement of the gun, you will use 2 servo motors. The "pan" servo controls the side-to-side movement of the gun. The "tilt" servo controls the up-down movement of the gun. Your remaining servo motor will be used to squeeze the trigger of your gun. For heavy guns, such as the paintball ...

Paintball gun turret | Hackaday

His latest, an RC paintball gun turret, is our favorite though. He actually rates this as one of the easier projects he’s published; it just took a while to assemble.