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  • Boing Boing Boing Boing

    Paintball Sentry Gun vs Toddlers - no contest

    Boing Boing - 05/27/14

    Paintball Sentry Gun ($649) I bought the Heavy Turret version which I swear was not $649 when I bought it but I thought it was kinda underpriced so there you go. Also comes in mini-turret size if you're more of a plug and play kind of mom or dad ($378).

  • Gizmodo Gizmodo

    Is This Open Source Paintball Sentry the Future of Home Security? I Hope So

    Gizmodo - 03/31/12

    Project Sentry Gun is responsible for bringing this technology to the masses. The site provides details on how to build your own automated sentry that "autonomously tracks, aims, and shoots at targets using a webcam" and a paintball or airsoft gun.

  • Wired (blog) Wired (blog)

    Arduino-Powered Paintball Sentry Shoots With a Tweet

    Wired (blog) - 03/07/13

    iStrategyLabs is a digital firm that develops tools and services that foster community, online and off, for big organizations — putting out social-media marketing for GE during the 2012 Olympics, a social media-savvy concert for American Eagle, and a

  • Quantico Sentry Online Quantico Sentry Online

    It's getting hot: Know the flag conditions aboard base

    Quantico Sentry Online - 07/06/17

    As the heat index rises, everyone needs to pay attention to the flag conditions here on MCB Quantico and understand what they mean. It is important to note that some of these flag conditions have extremely narrow 2-3 degree ranges. That means that 

  • Quantico Sentry Online Quantico Sentry Online

    Summer is the season to beef up on motorcycle safety

    Quantico Sentry Online - 07/06/17

    What is wrong with this picture? MCO5100.19 requires that riders wear a helmet, eye protection, hand protection (full gloves), long sleeves, leg protection (long pants) and footwear that comes above the ankle (boots). 6_tBITS motorcycles 2.jpg. Photo


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