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Spyder Victor Package .68Cal Paintball Kit Includes Sentry Goggle, Empty 20oz Co2 Tank, 200Rd Loader & Squeegee, Black by Spyder

  • 20oz JT paintball CO2 Tank
  • Tippmann SS 14in barrel squeegee
  • Tippmann 200 rd loader

4 SENTRY ALARM MINES .22 Cal trip wire alarms MULTICAM PREPPER PACK Property Perimeter Secutiry Henry Krank Style Mini-Sentry Airsoft Paintball Claymore by Forge

  • .22 Cal Blanks available at any Hardware Store or
  • As seen on American Restoration with David Copperfield
  • Safe to use

ALARM MINE .22 Cal Claymore Simulator Sentry Mine for Airsoft and Paintball in Multicam Mini Prepper tactical Trip Wire Alarm by Forge

  • Featured product on the Guns America website
  • 100% Steel Construction made in the U.S.A.
  • Safe to use


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Tippmann Gryphon FX Carbon Fiber Package .68Cal Paintball Kit Includes Sentry Goggle, Empty 20oz Co2 Tank, 200Rd Loader & M8 Paint Grenade by Tippmann

  • Tippmann Gryphon FX carbon fiber marker
  • Tippmann 200Rd Loader
  • JT Paintball 8oz Paint Grenade

6 SENTRY ALARM MINES .22 Cal trip wire alarms for PREPPER Property Home Security, Poachers Farm and Ranch Door and Gate Outdoor Security Airsoft Paintball by Forge

  • Safe to use
  • .22 Cal Blanks available at any Hardware Store or
  • As seen on American Restoration with David Copperfield

Gladiator II Paintball Sentry Gun This is the Gladiator II paintball sentry from Project Sentry Gun. This sentry is fully autonomous - there is no human controlling it. After...

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    10/01/18 ,via
  • Arduino-Powered Paintball Sentry Shoots With a Tweet

    03/07/13 ,via Wired (blog)

    iStrategyLabs is a digital firm that develops tools and services that foster community, online and off, for big organizations — putting out social-media marketing for GE during the 2012 Olympics, a social media-savvy concert for American Eagle, and a

  • Is This Open Source Paintball Sentry the Future of Home Security? I Hope So

    03/31/12 ,via Gizmodo

    The future is here but apparently didn't bring any of the cool shit it promised—no flying cars, no hover boards, no sexbots. But at least we can be thankful that haven't been screwed out of auto-turrets. Article preview thumbnail 

  • Paintball Sentry Gun vs Toddlers - no contest

    08/02/14 ,via Boing Boing

    Paintball Sentry Gun ($649) I bought the Heavy Turret version which I swear was not $649 when I bought it but I thought it was kinda underpriced so there you go. Also comes in mini-turret size if you're more of a plug and play kind of mom or dad ($378).

  • This automatic paintball gun is the best way to keep burglars away

    09/28/15 ,via

    If you're looking for a simple way to keep burglars away from your house - then this paintball gun could be your ultimate security tool. Meet the Gladiator II, a paintball sentry gun that can be set to automatically fire at intruders who might attempt


Autonomous Paintball Sentry Gun - Instructables

To control the movement of the gun, you will use 2 servo motors. The "pan" servo controls the side-to-side movement of the gun. The "tilt" servo controls the up-down movement of the gun. Your remaining servo motor will be used to squeeze the trigger of your gun. For heavy guns, such as the paintball ...

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