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How to Play Paintball : Paintball Parties & Rules

Learn about paintball parties and certain rules for parties in paintball in this free instructional video on paintballing. Expert: Dan Foss Contact: Bio:...


Whatz-Up Paintball – WUFFP

A paintball marker or gun is adjustable in how fast the balls travel down range. A chronograph is the device used to measure this in Feet Per Second.

Paintball - Wikipedia

Paintball is a competitive team shooting sport in which players eliminate opponents from play by hitting them with spherical dye-filled gelatin capsules ("paintballs") that break upon impact.Paintballs are usually shot using a low-energy air weapon called a paintball marker that is powered by compressed air or carbon dioxide and was originally designed for remotely marking trees and cattle.

Ontario Paintball League

Ontario tournament paintball. Registration now by clicking HERE. Get your teams signed up as we will need to cap registrations to whatever number we think we can run efficiently on one day!

Sylvan Lake Paintball

Sylvan Lake Paintball is the longest running paintball field in central Alberta. We offer a range of affordable packages as well as a full service outdoor paintball facility.


Husker Paintball is the originator of Paintball in the Omaha Area. The paintball field is located at 24th and Splitt Dr., 8 miles. south of Plattsmouth approx 40 minutes from Omaha, Nebraska.