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Learn about paintball parties and certain rules for parties in paintball in this free instructional video on paintballing. Expert: Dan Foss Contact: Bio:...

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The National Xball League (NXL) is the premier tournament paintball series in the U.S. & Europe. Hosting events in cities such as Las Vegas, Fort Worth, Atlantic City, Chicago, Kissimmee (U.S.) and Chartres, Prague, London, Paris-Chantilly (Europe).

Rulebook - National Collegiate Paintball Association

The most recent version of the NCPA Rulebook is available for download! Current Rulebook: 2015 NCPA Rulebook – Rev.0 Past Rulebooks: NCPA Rules 2011

Ultimate Paintball Series Official Rule Book

Ultimate Paintball Series Ultimate Paintball Series | Rule Book 1.0 December 2013 4 1.03 No team or member thereof shall in any way alter any playing field at any time. Altering the field in-game on purpose will lead to elimination of that player. Any player altering the

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The key to a fun game of paintball, whatever format you decide to use, and whatever the experience level of your players, is to have everyone on the same page. It only takes a few minutes, but quickly going through the rules each time will help maximize your paintball experience, and make for an enjoyable, fun time for all involved.

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The following is a short list of basic rules that all players should review before coming to our field. Please note that this list is subject to change without notice, and that referees always have the final call on any rule.