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This year over 3000 paintballers from around the world gathered in Moscow, Russia for the largest single-day paintball event in the world. Nick Sobolev of Big Paintball Maneuvers takes pride in running Russia’s biggest scenario paintball games. These events are popular for employing pyrotechnics, state-of-the-art armo, and artillery (thanks to Eisern Kaput Panzerdivision). The game lasts...


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  • Westfair Online Westfair Online

    It really is a wild goose chase for Pete Rizzo and his border collies

    Westfair Online - 09/08/17

    You can annoy them with paintball guns, sonic cannons, propane exploders and pyrotechnics. You can repel them with an artificial grape flavoring that they find offensive. They can be captured and relocated into the wild, where they pose less risk for

  • Southport Visiter Southport Visiter

    Farmaggedon 2017 - all you need to know

    Southport Visiter - 09/02/17

    Although Zombie Paintball was first introduced in 2015, the new outdoor experience is now 'better than ever'. The activity boasts a total of eight interactive areas. This year, by taking a ride on the "Zombie Outlaw Protection" wagons, you will find

  • ScreenCrush ScreenCrush

    Shots Fired: A Day of Paintball, Explosions and Unchecked Male Egos With the 'Free Fire' Team

    ScreenCrush - 03/16/17

    Journalists arrived at Stunt Ranch around 11AM on a chilly Monday morning to meet Copley, Hammer, and Wheatley for a day of BBQ, paintball, pyrotechnics, and various other hazardous activities. (Trapeze, anyone?) The picnic tables were covered in an 

  • So Md News (subscription) So Md News (subscription)

    Lexington Park vulture roost dispersed

    So Md News (subscription) - 04/05/17

    However, if the vultures return, the next step will be to harass them with pyrotechnics, bird effigies, paintball guns and even lasers, Harter said. “The next step is where did they go,” Capt. Scott Starkey, commanding officer of Patuxent River NAS


    Nazi regalia, firearm and illegal fireworks confiscated in German raids

    CNN - 10/23/15

    With extremist sentiments against asylum seekers at a peak, police suspected the "pyrotechnic devices," intended for delivery to the radicals, could have been used for the worst. Thousands of weary refugees streaming in from perpetual war zones in the 


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