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Paintballing Pyrotechnics Featuring Smoke Bombs | Delta Force Paintball

Enjoy safe and responsible paintballing pyrotechnics fun at Delta Force Paintball. Please note: Only players aged 18 and over are able to purchase pyrotechnic items such as a flash bang, paint...

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TLSFx Pyrotechnics | Smoke Grenades - Airsoft | Paintball

TLSFx Pyrotechnics for Airsoft, Paintball, and Milsim. UK manufactures of Smoke Grenades, Thunderflashes, flash bangs and grenades.

Paintball Pyrotechnics - Grenades and Smokes.... - Mega ...

We feature an impressive array of paintball pyrotechnics that will enhance your paintballing experience. Smoke grenades are a must for any paintballer who goes into battle, not only can you use them as a distraction but you can smoke your enemies from their positions.

Paintballing Pyrotechnics Featuring Smoke Bombs | Delta Force Paintball

Pyrotechnics aren't just spectacular additions to a paintballing players weapons arsenal; they are the ideal tactical device to change the course of an intense shootout, clear structures that are...

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Incoming! A guide to pyrotechnics - Delta Force Paintball

It is an unrivalled method of paintball warfare for which the player who wields the technology reaps all of the benefits! A teammate with a pyrotechnic is already ahead of the game. For just £3.99, you too could discover your inner Rambo with the Thunderflash, whilst a pound more (£4.99) will enable access to the paint and smoke grenades – why not get the whole bundle at the fantastic discounted price of £9.99!