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Enjoy safe and responsible paintballing pyrotechnics fun at Delta Force Paintball. Please note: Only players aged 18 and over are able to purchase pyrotechnic items such as a flash bang, paint...


TLSFx Pyrotechnics | Smoke Grenades | Thunderflashes ...

TLSFx Pyrotechnics for Airsoft, Paintball, and Milsim. UK manufactures of Smoke Grenades, Thunderflashes, flash bangs and grenades.

Airsoft Pyrotechnics

In the game, the players “hit” each other using a replica of weapons of fire arms, shooting nonmetallic pellets. Similar to paintball, but much closer to reality, the players in the game use revolutionary combat products and accessories that help imitate combat situations, without the danger involved in real weapons.

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For those who want to play at the new level of game or make their training much more realistic. An Airsoft/Paintball projectile for a grenade launcher is a pyrotechnic, commercially manufactured ...

EG Grenade Co. | World Famous Smoke Grenades & Smoke Effects

It is illegal in the UK to use any pyrotechnics including Enola Gaye smokes in football grounds, sports venues, pubic highways, nightclubs, festivals regardless of any permissions given by the organisers. We do not condone or promote the use of Enola Gaye pyrotechnics at any of these or similar venues.

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Airsoft Pyrotechnics are worldwide distributor of airsoft/paintball pyrotechnic grenade,unique airsoft pyrotechnic m203 projectile sold in usa.