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Enjoy safe and responsible paintballing pyrotechnics fun at Delta Force Paintball. Please note: Only players aged 18 and over are able to purchase pyrotechnic items such as a flash bang, paint...


Airsoft Pyrotechnics

Similar to paintball, but much closer to reality, the players in the game use revolutionary combat products and accessories that help imitate combat situations, without the danger involved in real weapons.

TLSFx Pyrotechnics | Smoke Grenades | Thunderflashes ...

TLSFx stick grenades are the only choice for the historic WW2 war gamer. £6.90 ... Welcome to TLSFx. Manufacturers of the best airsoft, MilSim, war-gamer and paintball pyrotechnics . TLSFx Byotechnics ® Are Here. The new Byotechnics® Ball Grenade is a game changer. £4.78 Add to Cart. Information.

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Enola Gaye® | World Famous Smoke Grenades & Smoke Effects

World leading manufacturer of smoke grenades, thunderflash, airsoft & paintball grenades for use in theatre, film, photography, on paintball sites and airsoft fields. Pyrotechnics. Wire Pull™ Smoke Grenades; ... Enola Gaye have always been the market leaders and innovators for paintball pyrotechnics. - Steve Bull, UK Paintball Sports Federation.

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Airsoft Pyrotechnics are worldwide distributor of airsoft/paintball pyrotechnic grenade,unique airsoft pyrotechnic m203 projectile sold in usa. Products Welcome visitor can you Login or Create an Account