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eNCA | Brothers Modify Paintball Guns for Self Defence

Pretoria, October 9 --- Two Centurion-based brothers claim they have created a non-lethal method of defence against potential burglars. The paintball guns have been modified so people are...


Gotcha Paintball Range | Pretoria Paintball Games

The Gotcha paintball team is proud to announce their commitment to the sport and we pride ourselves to have all the knowledge to ensure the safety of each individual. ... Please call 0861 468 242 or send and enquiry to for a customized quote. Designed and developed by ...

Paintball Centurion Pretoria Johannesburg | Crywolf

If paintball is a bit too extreme, consider laser tag. From the design of the fields, to the equipment, our aim is to stand out as the best in South Africa. Laser Tag is no longer a space age game played in indoor arenas.

Paintball Jungle II - Bragança Paulista

Jogo de Paintball cenário na Jungle II em Bragança Paulista.

Paintball Centurion Pretoria Johannesburg | CryWolf

If you are too young for paintball, or a little afraid of getting hurt, why not consider CryWolf Laser Tag. Played on the same great fields, but with state-of-the-art laser tag equipment, this is a great thrill in its own right. Look no further. Best laser tag . Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting.


HOME. In fact, today's paintball games have less resemblance to combat sports, with the player requiring no experience or training, and playing on fancifully construct fields. Instead, paintball has evolved into a fast paced, team oriented sport that can be enjoyed by everyone.