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M134 Minigun Paintball

Fabrication maison sur une base de SmartParts ION Version quasi finie.


SAR12 Paintball Sniper Rifle |

Excuse me, sirs of Carmatech Engineering, but are you sure this so-called paintball sniper rifle shoots only balls of paint, and not balls of, like, lead? Oh, is that so? Yeah, OK, that makes sense. The SAR12 Sniper shoots paint-based ammo, but its uniqu

Air Gun and Replica Plans - John-Tom

Browning M2 . Made for a combined Airsoft and Paintball Beach Assault skirmish to be held in Bangkok in July 2008 . 1:1 stand off scale Ma Deuce that fires paintballs via a full auto capable paintball marker that has been modified to fit inside the body of the gun.

Metralhadora Giratória MiniGun Airsoft M132 Microgun HPA ...

Metralhadora Giratória MiniGun Airsoft M132 Microgun HPA/Gas - Classic Army (Ref.: S018M)

Micro BB Crossbow |

Why doesn't my Cubicle Warfare book include a chapter on How to Build a Micro BB Crossbow? Not that I wouldn't get fired for using it at the office. But we've had these "productivity enhancement strategy consultants" skulking, bouncing off the walls...helping us put together a "productivity enhancement strategy" for the past week now.

Madness: Project Nexus Hacked |

Welcome to, the largest online game cheat portal on the internet. Our objective is to create a different gaming experience for our users using pre-hacks.

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Targets all in a row
Some of the armor for the Fulda Gap series...including lil Petunia, with a paintball minigun out front!
Photo by abcovey on Flickr