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BMS CYMA M18 Airsoft Claymore Land Mine CYMA M18 Airsoft Claymore Land Mine

  • Kit comes standard with Remote Trigger Device.
  • Strong Spring Powered Airsoft Mine Shoots 100 BBs
  • Safety area of 2 meters (6 feet) should be observed in the rear of...

Russian spetsnaz SSO SPOSN MON-50 land mine utility pouch molle by SSO/SPOSN

  • Can be used as an utility one
  • The pouch has one compartment.
  • MON-50 land mine pouch

paintball landmine

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    05/09/18 ,via Scientific American

    The prospect of their return doesn't thrill some local residents of Vista Hermosa. A road sign in Spanish that reads “Together, peace and life after the conflict are possible” has been pelted with pink paintballs. “Someone disagrees,” remarks one of

  • New entertainment venue in Bloomingdale allows visitors to drive ex-military tanks

    09/22/17 ,via WJCL News

    Paintballers will also have to watch out for landmines. Guild says you'll be covered in a puff of paintball powder if you step on one. The Combat Zone also has automatic paintball machine guns in the bunkers that are capable of shooting 15 rounds per

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    For context, one desperate character (played by the late Anton Yelchin) attempts to convince the other to consider trying an outlandish plan using this (real world) anecdote about a moment of clarity that his character had experienced while playing

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    Mary Roach, a self-confessed “goober with a flashlight,” has created a niche for books with one-word titles—Gulp (on the digestive system); Bonk (on the science of sex)—that take a funny, and informed, look at the scientific secrets of everyday things.


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Paintball! is a famous first person shooter paintball game made by Daxter33. It was later copied by Jaredvaldez4, but the game slot was then changed, and Jared's account was terminated.

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Airsoft Grenade Guide:Airsoft grenades are generally categorized into the few following types: Hand Grenade: Where you pull the pin, and it actually release the gas / bb to simulate an explosion.

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