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Tippmann Basic Alu 48ci/3000psi by Tippmann

  • User replaceable Bonnet
  • Lightweight Aluminum DOT and TC certified cylinders "Made in the USA"
  • 3000 PSI fill capacity with an 800 PSI output pressure



Tippmann 48/3000 HPA Tank (Black) by Tippmann

  • PI and DOT Certified
  • Aluminum Tank
  • 800 PSI Output Pressure


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Ninja 68ci/4500psi Carbon Fiber HPA Paintball Tank GRAY by Ninja

  • 4500 psi
  • Default output of 800 PSI to work out of the box with all Paintball...
  • 5 Year Hydro


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Ninja Carbon Fiber HPA Tank - 50/4500 - Grey by Ninja Paintball

  • 5 Year Hydro
  • Adjustable regulator
  • 4500 PSI

Compressed Air Tanks: Best Sizes, Weights, Shots and More!

Whats the deal with compressed air tanks? There are lots of options when it comes to picking a compressed air tank for your paintball gun, you have to think about size, weight, brand and color....


Paintball Tanks - Compressed Air & HPA Tanks - ANSGear

This category Features All Compressed Air and HPA Paintball Tanks. Ansgear has Paintball guns and Paintball equipment for everyone. Get your Paintball equipment for cheap. All Paintball gear on sale! > > () () () () , Follow Us ...

Best Paintball Tanks of 2018: Buyers Guide and Comparison

To be clear, all air tanks are filled with high pressure air, but the actual output pressure coming from the regulator on the tank is much lower. While most paintball guns are fine using a high pressure (HP) tank set at 850 PSI, some electronic markers do demand a low pressure (LP) tank set at 450 PSI or lower.


Lot of 2 - Tippmann Basic 48ci/3000psi High Pressure Air HPA Paintball Tank. $74.95 Buy It Now. Ninja Air HPA Tank Regulator - 4500 PSI - Brass Bonnet Image. Ninja Air HPA Tank Regulator - 4500 PSI - Brass Bonnet. $44.95 Buy It Now. Ninja Aluminum HPA Tank - 13/3000 Image.

HPA Compressed Air Paintball Tanks - Badlands Paintball

Compressed air paintball tanks come in a variety of tank sizes, colours, pressure ratings and materials such as carbon fibre or aluminium. An aluminium 48ci/3000 psi tank is a popular starter compressed air paintball tank.

How to Choose the Right Size HPA/Compressed Air Paintball Tank by

How to Choose the Right Size HPA/Compressed Air Paintball Tank by ... to consider when it comes to dropping $150-200 on a killer compressed air or HPA paintball tank.