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Compressed Air Tanks: Best Sizes, Weights, Shots and More!

Whats the deal with compressed air tanks? There are lots of options when it comes to picking a compressed air tank for your paintball gun, you have to think about size, weight, brand and color....

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Paintball Tanks - Compressed Air & HPA Tanks

Check our All of our Paintball Tanks Now. This category Features All Compressed Air and HPA Paintball Tanks.

10 Best Paintball Air Tanks For All CO2 & HPA Sizes (2020)

2. Ninja Compressed HPA Paintball Air Tank. If you are looking for a Ninja paintball tank, then its compressed HPA air tank is definitely for you. This Ninja air tank 68/4500 continues to impress the majority of its users as aside from being available at a good size, it also delivers truly excellent and remarkable performance when used in the field.. I find this tank awesome as it is also ...

Paintball HPA Tanks | Compressed Air Tanks | Nitrogen Tank

HPA (Compressed Air) Tanks Nitrogen tanks, otherwise known as compressed air or HPA, are the ultimate performance upgrade for a paintball marker. Why, because you no longer have the negative characteristics of liquid CO2 to deal with.

Best Paintball Tanks of 2020: Buyers Guide and Comparison

To be clear, all air tanks are filled with high pressure air, but the actual output pressure coming from the regulator on the tank is much lower. While most paintball guns are fine using a high pressure (HP) tank set at 850 PSI, some electronic markers do demand a low pressure (LP) tank set at 450 PSI or lower.

CO2 vs HPA Paintball Tanks: A Complete Guide – Paintzapper ...

This Ninja 90/4500. HPA tank on Amazon will average 1350 shots per fil on most paintball guns and can get up to the 1700+ range on the more efficient paintball guns. If you are going to run a remote line, or hose, from your paintball gun to a tank held in a pouch, your only real limitation is the size of your pouch and how difficult will it be ...