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Maddog Heavy Duty Paintball Tank Remote Coil by MAddog

  • CA Adapter attaches to any paintball marker
  • Choose Quick Disconnect, Slidecheck, or Pro Push-Button Quick...
  • Quick Disconnect to easily attach and detach your marker


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Ninja Ultralite 4500psi Paintball HPA Tanks (Click-a-Color/Size) (Super Lite Black w/White text, 68 cubic inches)

  • The Combination of SL tanks with UL Regulators are the lightest air...
  • UL Regulator: mini gauge, aluminum bonnet, mini fill valve
  • SL, or Super Light tanks are 30% lighter than standard grey carbon...

Planet Eclipse HPA Tank Grip Cover By Exalt - All Size Tanks - Lime - Black by Planet Eclipse

  • Made by Exalt for Planet Eclipse
  • Fits Guerrilla Air "Pro Series" HPA Tanks
  • Fits All Carbon Fiber Tanks

Compressed Air Tanks: Best Sizes, Weights, Shots and More!

Whats the deal with compressed air tanks? There are lots of options when it comes to picking a compressed air tank for your paintball gun, you have to think about size, weight, brand and color....

Directory - Hydro test your tank

Hydro test your tank. Hydro testing, why do it? What is it? and Why bother? article by Young Choi. If you have been around paintball long enough, sooner or later, you ...

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Difference Between CO2 and Compressed Air For Paintball

What is the difference between CO2 and Compressed Air (HPA) for paintball? The ANSgear Info Center has in-depth articles on the Difference Between Using CO2 and ...