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Ninja Paintball 3000psi Output Mobile Fill Station (PCP Tank, Regulator, and Fill Station)

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HPA Air Systems - carries a wide selection of High Pressure Air (HPA) systems, also commonly referred to as Compressed Air, N2 or Nitro systems. We have aluminum and fiber wrapped compressed air tanks to fit anyone's needs or budget. Switching to HPA over CO2 is one of the wisest investments a paintball player can make.

Commercial HPA Fill System for supporting Paintball and PCP Airguns!

It’s finally ready to show everyone. Here is our completed Commercial HPA Fill System for retail installations. This system includes a high availability, German built, HPA compressor; Custom ...

HP System |

Als HP System wird die Kombination aus HP Flasche und Regulator bezeichnet. (engl. High Pressure - kurz HP) Auch Pressluft genannt, ist hochkomprimierte Luft die einen Druck von 200 bar oder 300 bar besitzt.


There is a lot to learn when you first get into the sport of paintball. Here I will go over what HPA is and what it means to you and playing paintball. HPA stand for High Pressure Air. They are aslo called N2 tanks. For those of you that do not already know you will need an air source to power your paintball gun/marker.

Paintball HPA Bottles Vs Co2 Bottles

This video explains the difference between HPA bottles and Co2 bottles. Related: ...