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Yong Heng Air Compressor 4500 psi For Paintball / Airguns

Yong Heng Air Compressor 4500 psi For Paintball / Airguns Product description High pressure pneumatic pump. 220V - 240V/50Hz (We could provide different charger plugs for a different...

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The Best Paintball Air Compressors: Keep Your Paintball ...

For a paintball compressor, you will need 4500psi – 5000psi, as this is the maximum pressure HPA paintball canisters can hold. All paintball air compressors will come with maximum psi in this range, no matter the size. More pressure will only result in your markers air canister exploding.

5 Best Paintball Air Compressors | Portable & Electric

The HPDAVV compressor is a scuba tank air compressor. Scuba tanks are rated for the same kinds of pressures as compressed air tanks for paintball guns making this a perfect air compressor for your paintball tank refill station. The features it offers are unparalleled. The HPDAVV is powered by a Honda GX gasoline engine delivering 5.5 horsepower. Paintball Air Compressor

HPDAVV Protable PCP Air Compressor 4500Psi/30Mpa/300BAR - 1.5KW/110V/60Hz - Auto Stop - Pressure Customized - Paintball & SCUBA HPA Tank Filling Pump 4.4 out of 5 stars 12 $349.68 $ 349 . 68


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Let's Talk Paintball Compressors: What's the Deal with HPA ...

CO2 rapidly cools as it exits the tank. This means the o-rings inside the paintball marker will shrink and harden. This is an extra cost you would avoid if you invested in HPA guns and compressors. Final Thoughts. If you’re running a professional facility HPA wins out when comparing HPA vs. CO2.