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Shot in the face with paintball gun - Looks Horrible!

This kid trust his buddy to shoot a can off of his head, and he gets shot right in the face. People never seem to amaze me. Hope the guy likes eye patches.


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Paintball - Wikipedia

Paintball is a competitive team shooting sport in which players eliminate opponents from play by hitting them with spherical dye-filled gelatin capsules ("paintballs") that break upon impact.Paintballs are usually shot using a low-energy air weapon called a paintball marker that is powered by compressed air or carbon dioxide and was originally designed for remotely marking trees and cattle.

Best Full Coverage Low Profile Paintball Face Masks ...

Besides the sting of being hit, paintball is deemed as a safe sport for nearly all ages. The only serious injury in paintball is the possibility of a direct hit to the eye; causing permanent blindness.

Best Paintball Guns and Paintball Gear at Low Prices

Paintball is blast to play and can be enjoyed by just about anyone. It is an activity that can be played in both small and large groups. Whether you are looking for a fun weekend activity that members of your entire family can enjoy, or you wish to inject some extra fun into your gathering, party, or corporate event then paintball may be the activity to chose.

Paintball equipment - Wikipedia

A paintball marker is the primary piece of equipment used in paintball to tag an opposing player. An expanding gas (usually carbon dioxide or high-pressure air) forces a paintball through the barrel at a muzzle velocity of approximately 90 m/s (300 ft/s). This velocity is sufficient for most paintballs to break upon impact at a distance, but not so fast as to cause tissue damage beyond mild ...

brown eye closeup blood eyes shot hazel randy wade bloodshot irritation randywade
i had a bit of irritation that began with using paintball mask cleaner in my swim goggles thinking it would work like goggle cleaner (apparently theyre not really the same?)
Photo by Randy Wade on Flickr
pink black eye dave glasses mask helmet headshot paintball swat
My round on Daves eye
My lucky shot straight on Daves eye ;-) This was taken at a small game with Corey, Dave, Regan and myself at the 26th of January 2009 at Johnos place
Photo by DΕΠΠΙS on Flickr
club germany army us gun post soldiers rod heidelberg paintball herald badenwurtemburg usag
Staff Sgt. Jonathan Ivie, NCOIC of Opthomology at the Heidelberg Health Clinic sits out after being shot in the eye during a game of paintball Sept. 25. Ivie provided medical support to the U.S. Army NATO Brigade...
Photo by heraldpost on Flickr