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Eye Injuries with Paintball

Dr. Daniel M. Miller with Cincinnati Eye Institute discusses eye injuries from playing paintball. For more information see


Paintball - Wikipedia

Paintball is a competitive team shooting sport in which players eliminate opponents from play by hitting them with spherical dye-filled gelatin capsules ("paintballs") that break upon impact.Paintballs are usually shot using a low-energy air weapon called a paintball marker that is powered by compressed air or carbon dioxide and was originally designed for remotely marking trees and cattle.

Paintball - Wikipedia

Storia. Ideato nel 1981 da Hayes Noel, Bob Gurnsey e Charles Gaines, fu giocato per la prima volta nel New Hampshire usando una pistola a vernice per segnare gli alberi.Il paintball รจ diventato rapidamente popolare, specialmente negli USA ed ha raccolto una folta schiera di partecipanti in tutto il mondo. L'attrezzatura usata varia in base al tipo di gioco e a quanto si vuole spendere.

PAINTBALL SAFETY - Spyder Paintball

Paintball is very safe as long as you follow the rules and use common sense. Injuries can be avoided by following simple paintball etiquette. As a whole, paintball is very safe, and when played properly does not lead to major injuries.

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Preventing Eye Injuries -

On This Page: Air bags Laser pointers Champagne corks Fireworks Paintball Experts say more than 90 percent of eye injuries can be prevented by simply taking a few precautions and wearing safety glasses.. If you use a lawn mower, leaf-blower, drill or similar power tools, you need protective eyewear.

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The mask, it does nothing...
Actually it works great. That would have been an eye injury or even death by paintball-in-brain without the mask. Jack, you still have something on your face. No, the other side.
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