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Eye Injuries with Paintball

Dr. Daniel M. Miller with Cincinnati Eye Institute discusses eye injuries from playing paintball. For more information see


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Paintball has become a popular recreational activity, with an estimated 10 million participants in the United States alone. The risk of paintball-related eye injuries has long been recognized. Organizers of formal paintball games require eye protection and education, which has significantly reduced the risk of severe eye injuries.

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will effectively eliminate paintball eye injuries to cooperating players and that paintball is eye-safe provided that the program is followed. There still are eye injuries when the markers are used without proper eye protection and in assault, such as drive-by shootings. Continued educational programs are necessary to

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THURSDAY, Nov. 4, 2016 (HealthDay News) -- Paintball guns pose the greatest risk of vision loss among the sports most commonly associated with eye injuries, a new study finds. Basketball, cycling ...

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More serious injuries include eye injuries, ear injuries, and even death. Eye injuries from paintball. The most common paintball injuries are eye injuries. An estimated 85% of all paintball injuries are eye-related. The number of paintball eye injuries is also on the rise -- paintball eye injuries treated in emergency rooms rose from an ...

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Approximately 85% of all paintball injuries are eye related. These incidents happen if a player is shot in the eye with a paintball. The paintball guru, and every paintball venue, strongly encourages everyone to wear a protective mask. In fact, almost all paintball venues will not even let you play without wearing a mask.

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The mask, it does nothing...
Actually it works great. That would have been an eye injury or even death by paintball-in-brain without the mask. Jack, you still have something on your face. No, the other side.
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