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Eye Injuries with Paintball

Dr. Daniel M. Miller with Cincinnati Eye Institute discusses eye injuries from playing paintball. For more information see

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    09/30/18 ,via
  • Tips for Sports Eye Safety Month

    09/19/18 ,via Columbus Parent

    Eye injuries are the leading cause of blindness in children, according to the National Institutes of Health. Many of those injuries occur while youngsters are playing sports. September, which is recognized as Sports Eye Safety Month, is a great

  • "Alarming" rise in eye injuries from BB, pellet and paintball guns in kids

    01/08/18 ,via CBS News

    New research suggests parents may need to take greater precautions when it comes to their children participating in activities using BB, pellet, and paintball guns. A long-term study, published in the journal Pediatrics, found eye injuries related to

  • Paintball, BB and Pellet Gun Injuries Pose Serious Risk to Children's Eyes

    01/22/18 ,via New York Times

    Here's the bad news: Eye injuries to children from what are called nonpowder guns, including BB guns, pellet guns and paintball guns, increased significantly. And here's the worse news: Those eye injuries were disproportionately likely to be serious.

  • Teen indicted in fatal East Bridgewater crash that killed 4 Stoughton students

    09/01/18 ,via Enterprise News

    The five teenagers were in Bridgewater the day of the crash playing paintball. One of the teens, Desir, had his father drive to pick him up from paintball, but when he arrived, he asked for a few bucks so he could go to a restaurant with his friends


Paintballs Can Cause 'Devastating' Eye Injuries - Elsevier

Organizers of formal paintball games require eye protection and education, which has significantly reduced the risk of severe eye injuries. The researchers hope their study will draw attention to the alarming frequency of serious eye injuries related to paintballs, including the potential for permanent visual loss.

Paintball Eye Injuries: The Changing of an Industry

Serious eye injuries are the primary catastrophic injury from paintball, a game now played by over 7 million people, average age 16. To reduce injuries, players, manufacturers, sports officials, laboratories,

Paintball Injury Lawsuits |

The most common paintball injuries are eye injuries. An estimated 85% of all paintball injuries are eye-related. The number of paintball eye injuries is also on the rise -- paintball eye injuries treated in emergency rooms rose from an estimated 545 in 1998 to over 1,200 in 2000.

Paintball Causes Many Vision-Robbing Eye Injuries - WebMD

THURSDAY, Nov. 4, 2016 (HealthDay News) -- Paintball guns pose the greatest risk of vision loss among the sports most commonly associated with eye injuries, a new study finds. Basketball, cycling ...

Paintball - Wikipedia

Eye injuries can occur when protective equipment is not properly used and such injuries often cause devastating visual loss. For safety, most regulated paintball fields strictly enforce a 'masks-on' policy, and most eject players who consistently disobey. ...

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The mask, it does nothing...
Actually it works great. That would have been an eye injury or even death by paintball-in-brain without the mask. Jack, you still have something on your face. No, the other side.
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