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guy gets nailed by paintball bazooka

guy had a bazzoka when i went paintballin thing was intense.

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Paintball Bazooka

A bazooka consists of a large hollowed out tube that can be filled with any small enough object. They are not limited to paintball grenades, you could also fill a paintball bazooka with paintballs, airsoft bb's, some people even use nerf darts. Basically anything that is an appropriate size can be used as a projectile.

Paintball Bazooka Blast Your Opponents Away with Paintball ...

If you have decided you would like to pick up a Paintball Bazooka, head down to walk-in Paintball Stores or look online. Many places have these for sale and there are many different ones to choose from. Just be careful – don't splash yourself with the paint! From Paintball Bazooka back to Paintball Tips

Paintball equipment - Wikipedia

Paintball bazooka. A "paintball bazooka", or a "paintball rocket launcher" is a modified paintball gun or an item built from scratch to specifically "kill", or "take out" a paintball tank. Most often they fire rockets built from scratch or multiple Paintballs. Many players prefer not to have one because they severely limit what they can do ...

guy gets nailed by paintball bazooka - YouTube

guy had a bazzoka when i went paintballin thing was intense

Airsoft/Paintball Bazooka : 3 Steps - Instructables

Airsoft/Paintball Bazooka. By DWordDtour in Outside Launchers. 25,923. 62. 35. Download Favorite. Introduction: Airsoft/Paintball Bazooka. By DWordDtour Follow. More by the author: This instructable is on how to make an airsoft/paintball buzooka. Attachments. Buzooka.wmv. Download. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download.