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Paintball Airball 2013


Noob Playing Airball Paintball

My first day playing airball.playing speedball with an azodin blitz paintball marker.

Airball | Liberty Paintball

We now feature a new Airball field complete with an enclosed staging area and 4500psi fill station ; We have the new NXL bunkers with the ‘W’ and the PSP bunkers with the ‘A’!! Any teams looking to set up a practice or scrimmage should call the field for info and pricing.

Airball Speedball Bunker Names for Paintball - Correct Names!

Rapid fire rundown of the common and current airball speedball bunker names. These paintball basics are what pro paintballers know and you were afraid to ask. Share this video with a friend ...

Airball | Texas Paintball

Airball Air Ball is primarily used for tournaments and other competitions. It’s stationed on top of 20,000 square feet of high quality synthetic turf, which makes an excellent surface for speed and safety. | Tournament Paintball | US | Europe

The National Xball League (NXL) is the premier tournament paintball series in the U.S. & Europe. Hosting events in cities such as Las Vegas, Fort Worth, Atlantic City, Chicago, Kissimmee (U.S.) and Chartres, Prague, London, Paris-Chantilly (Europe).

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Photo by [WRZ]Panther on Flickr
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chile sports training paintball airball supairball
Photo by [WRZ]Panther on Flickr