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The Art of the Dynamic Handgun by Magpul Industries

  • Made in USA
  • Progression from basic to advanced firearm manipulation pushes...
  • Using a diverse group of beginner, intermediate, and advanced...

Dynamic Pistal

MILLER: Taking the DC gun safety class - Washington Times (blog)

It took weeks of research and dozens of phone calls to finally find a suitable place to take the required gun safety class to register a handgun in the nation’s capital. Thanks to a referral from Atlantic guns, I found Donna Worthy — even though she’s not on the list of certified instructors given out by Metropolitan Police Department.

Mrs. Worthy is a retired Baltimore police...


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    10/06/18 ,via
  • Chris Costa is leaving Magpul Dynamics

    08/22/15 ,via Military Times

    In addition to teaching classes, Magpul Dynamics spurred a renaissance in the production of tactical training videos with their "Art of the Dynamic Carbine" DVD series. The DVD would become the foundation for later Magpul Dynamics video productions

  • ACTION TARGET Announces Instructors and Courses for LETC 2017

    Action Target PROVO, UTAH –-( Action Target INC., the leading manufacturer of modern shooting ranges and steel targets for versatile firearms training, has announced the instructors for its Law Enforcement Training Camp in September

  • LARB – Linear Alignment Recoil Buffer

    Here are also a couple of videos showing full auto firearms being shot with the L.A.R.B. buffer installed: . Hrachya H. Being a lifelong firearms enthusiast, Hrachya always enjoys studying design, technology and history of guns and ammunition

  • MagPul Industries Developing 4×2 Quad Stack Magazine (5.56mm NATO): Enhanced-Capacity AR Mag (4179 STANAG)

    06/09/10 ,via Defense Review

    The Firearm Blog estimates the magazine's capacity at approximately 50 rounds, and deems it “ideal” for the USMC's HK M27 IAR (Infantry Automatic Rifle). MagPul's quad-stack mag patent application follows Iszmash's announcement that one of the major 


ar15 books - Bravo Company USA

AK47/ AKM/ AK74 Handbook- by Mike Pannone and Erik Lawrence This book is a quick reference training guide for all owners of AK47, AKM and AK74 series rifles.

Angel Custom Combat Raptor QD Power Up+ Barrel Extension ...

*Gun in images not included. No markings / text on the silencer. The Angel Custom Combat Raptor is a quick detach and quick attach barrel extension that will instantly increase the power and range of your KWA / KSC / VFC MP7 gas blowback.

EMG F-1 Firearms BDR-15 3G AR15 Full Metal Airsoft AEG ...

"Great looking rifle but the stock is wobbly and the bolt cover “blow back” is a joke but really easy to uninstall. One big problem was that right out of the box it had feeding issues.

Ignition Custom Engineering – Tailor made firearm ...

Ignition Custom Engineering has been named the Official Gunsmith of Precision Rifle Series Australia! Building a competitive PRS gun is different from other rifles and we've spent many years experimenting with different tolerances and techniques...