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Magpul MOE vs CTR Stock Comparison

The MOE & CTR stocks are similar except for the addition of the friction lock and QD mount on the CTR stock. CTR: MOE:

Ruger's New AR-556 with Magpul Furniture - The Fire Arm Blog (press release) (blog)

It’s not “more.” It’s just recognizing something that their customers are doing to their rifles, and offering it like that right out of the box. But yeah, there’s a glut of ARs. There’s also a glut of 1911s and Glocks. But as long as that’s what the market demands, that’s what manufacturers are going to provide.

The forward assist (and dust cover) was added to the M&P Sport II...


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    10/02/18 ,via
  • Ruger's New AR-556 with Magpul Furniture

    It was my opinion then that the two modifications I would make on my own AR-556 would be to add a CTR stock (another Magpul stock that is very similar to the MOE version) and this hand guard. For a price of only $50 more (MSRP: $849,) I seems to be a 

  • Palmetto State Armory Long Range Rifles – .224 Valkyrie & 6.5 Creedmoor

    The furniture is all upgraded over the standard stuff with black Magpul MOE pistol grips and black Magpul CRT six-position adjustable stocks. The CTR is the model with dual water-resistant battery/parts tubes alongside the comb, a rubber butt pad, and

  • Tested: CMMG Guard Pistol Caliber Carbines

    As we've seen with previous offerings, including the Mk47 Mutant AKM and MkW Anvil XBE rifles, CMMG Inc. is a company that refuses to just keep cranking out run-of-the-mill AR platforms. Instead, the CMMG team is constantly looking for innovative ways

  • Buttstock Bashfest: GearScout finds out just how far tough talk goes

    08/21/15 ,via Military Times

    I just got the memo; The F93 design is the predecessor to the Magpul UBR. The design was sold to ERGO after Magpul updated the MSS design to created the UBR. The F93 is a still magnificent bit of engineering and it gets close to the functionality of


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Survival Gear Review: Magpul MBUS Pro Iron Sights ...

Fast forward a few decades and an innovative and driven company introduced the concept of plastic to iron sights. In 2009 Magpul released its first generation of MBUS polymer back up sights aptly named MBUS for Magpul Back Up Sight since iron was essentially absent from the design. Calling them ...

Survival Gear Review: Magpul PMAG D-60 Drum Magazine ...

The wizards at Magpul have done it again. As if their game-changing polymer 30-round PMAG wasn’t enough, they upped the ante with a 60-round drum magazine. And sometimes the obvious benefits of something are not, well, obvious. Such is the case with the Magpul D-60. The D-60 drum mag was announced at the February 2015 […]

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The Brownells bolt action chassis system is designed to accept carbine AR-15 buttstocks and pistol grips (purchased separately), offering the option to customize from the wide variety of Accessories available on the market.