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You can call it America's Rifle, a modern sporting rifle or just a hobby that you pour money into. The fact is, shooting the AR-15 is just about the most fun you can have at the range.  Plus the gun makes for an excellent patrol rifle and home defense gun.

A lot of shooters enjoy building their own rifles from a stripped receiver.  Others like accessorizing a factory gun. ...


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    - 11/23/17
  • The Fire Arm Blog (press release) (blog)

    Ruger's New AR-556 with Magpul Furniture

    The Fire Arm Blog (press release) (blog) - 10/14/17

    It was my opinion then that the two modifications I would make on my own AR-556 would be to add a CTR stock (another Magpul stock that is very similar to the MOE version) and this hand guard. For a price of only $50 more (MSRP: $849,) I seems to be a 

  • American Rifleman (press release) (blog) American Rifleman (press release) (blog)

    The Keefe Report: Ruger's Multi-Purpose Rifle

    American Rifleman (press release) (blog) - 09/13/17

    Not to be confused with National Public Radio, the new Ruger MPR stands for Multi-Purpose Rifle. It is based on the firm's AR-556, and it is a direct-impingement rifle with more capabilities than a standard, entry-level, 16”-barreled carbine. This new

  • The Fire Arm Blog (press release) (blog)

    CMMG Adds the 6.5 Grendel to the MkW ANVIL Line

    The Fire Arm Blog (press release) (blog) - 09/11/17

    The Anvil utilizes the same "bullet proof" bolt as their mutant in 7.62X39. If CMMG could get Magpul to produce a true 30 round 6.5 Grendel mag with a little more room for longer bullet like they did for the LWRCI six 8 they would have the perfect


    Taurus jumps into the AR-15 market with new T4SA line (PHOTOS) - 04/30/17

    The T4AS series, introduced at the 146th National Rifle Association Annual Meetings and Exhibits at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, all share a forged aluminum lower with a Magpul trigger guard, CTR buttstock, and MOE grip mated to a 


Magpul MOE vs CTR Stock Comparison - YouTube The MOE & CTR stocks are similar except for the addition of the friction lock and QD mount on the CTR stock. CTR: MOE: http://amzn ...

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Magpul MOE Stock vs CTR Question - Glock Talk Is the aprox. $35 dollar difference in price worth it. Is the CTR buttstock worth it or will the MOE stock just as good?

MAGPUL STR Stock Comparing to CTR, ACS, MOE MAGPUL STR Stock Comparing to CTR, ACS, MOE Diesel Tactical. ... MAGPUL STR VS CTR - Duration: ... HOW TO PIN A MAGPUL MOE STOCK - Duration: ...

Magpul CTR vs. MOE - Page 2 - I like the CTR, for the lock, because I view these stocks more as adjustable LOP stocks (set it, and forget it), rather than as collapsible stocks.