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Fun Gun Gear Presents: The MAGPUL B.A.D. Lever (Battery Assist Devise) for the AR-15/M4 Rifle System. Great for super quick bolt closure and handling malfunctions. A great addition to your...

New Savage 110 Wolverine brings .450 Bushmaster to eager hunters (VIDEO) -

As part of their updated AccuFit line of Model 110 offerings, Savage has something for sportsmen looking to take advantage of new straight-walled rifle seasons.

Billed as capable of taking on bear, deer, and hogs, the Wolverine is chambered for .450 Bushmaster, a pill that is increasingly popular with hunters in the Midwest. Featuring Savage’s new AccuFit enhancements that allow...


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B.A.D. Lever® - Battery Assist Device – AR15/M4 - MAGPUL

Designed to considerably improve the speed and efficiency of the AR15/M16 bolt catch, the B.A.D. (Battery Assist Device) Lever quickly addresses reloading and malfunction clearance shortcomings of AR15/M16 platforms by extending a paddle to the right side of the weapon, allowing manipulation of the bolt stop from the fire control / ready position with the right-hand trigger finger.

How to FIX a loose Magpul BAD Lever - YouTube

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My Magpul BAD Lever — the How and Why - The Mag Life

The rifle also has an ambidextrous safety and a Magpul BAD Lever . The Battery Assist Device (BAD) Lever is the part of my rifle that gets the most cheers and jeers for sure. It attaches to the bolt catch paddle on the left side of the rifle and extends down the receiver and then through the trigger guard to the right side of the rifle.

Magpul B.A.D Lever - Battery Assist Device

DetailsThe Battery Assist Device was designed to considerably improve the AR-15/M16 bolt catch. The B.A.D. Lever addresses reloading and malfunction clearance shortcomings of the AR-15/M16 platform by extending a paddle to the right side of the weapon. This allows manipulation of the bolt stop from the fire control/ready position with the right-hand trigger finger.NOTE: Not compatible with ...

B.A.D. Lever, Worst Magpul Product Ever –

Issue 1: The Magpul BAD lever increases the incidence of 3 specific malfunctions. 1.) Failure of last round bolt hold open.2.) premature bolt drop 3.) Premature bolt hold open. We will start with number and progress 1.) Adding a BAD lever to a rifle does two things to the bolt release/stop- it increases its mass and it adds a lever arm to that ...

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M4 with Noveske and Magpul parts
Photo by GregDaly on Flickr