BlackGun.Info Magpul Bad Lever Problems

The Magpul B.A.D. Lever: Is it a P.O.S., or a worthy addition to your AR? Watch and decide.

Mark installs the Magpul B.A.D. lever on an AR-15. Never using one before, he suspects it is just some more 'tactical jewelry' that parts a fool from his money... Watch him install and demonstrat...

Top five preferred weapon modifications - SOFREP (press release)

Everyone, civilian or military, who enjoys weapons loves to trick out their gun. We all have personal preferences to how we set up our firearms to cater to our own style of shooting. Maybe it’s technique that dictates specific placement of certain mods, it could be purpose-driven reasons for particular accessories, or maybe it’s just simple aesthetics and we like the way it makes the weapon...


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    06/07/18 ,via
  • Service rifle mods: The BAD Lever

    12/18/17 ,via SOFREP (press release)

    The best of these were Magpul's PMAGs, which with their durability and reliability, eventually worked their way into service. The worst was the Beta C-Mag The serious improvement however, comes from in the form of the battery assist device or B.A.D

  • Top five preferred weapon modifications

    10/10/16 ,via SOFREP (press release)

    By simply lifting your trigger finger and moving the lever up while pulling the charging handle to the rear, the bolt will lock back allowing the shooter to maintain positive control of the weapon while clearing the stoppage. When the problem There

  • Review: Magpul MLOK Cantilever Weaponlight Mount

    If the body of the light were physically lowered to touch the handguard, that flare in the tailcap would interfere with the mount. Magpul would have had to make a channel just for that tailcap to clear the mount. The other problem is the heads used on

  • US Army's New MHS Pistol Suffering Teething Troubles

    Consider redesign of the slide catch lever or operator training changes to prevent engagement by operators while shooting the pistol. The issues with the Modular Handgun System will no doubt be addressed in time and it is unlikely that the issues


Palmetto State Armory Magpul MOE Lower Build Kit, Black - 598

Includes Mil-Spec MOE Stock, MOE grip, MOE Trigger Guard, Palmetto State Armory Classic Lower Parts Kit and Mil-Spec buffer tube assembly.

Kaneohe Gun Shop Rifle Inventory

Firearms pictured on this page are for reference and only a select few will be in stock. Items not in stock can be ordered and will have a lower price if advance ordered and prepaid.

930 SPX 12 GA 18.5 Semi Auto Shotguns 7 Round Black ...

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Heier's Custom Ruger 10/22s

Pictures of rifles built by Vince Heier or ones that have been built using parts from Heier's Custom Ruger 10/22s.

M&P 15 Sport 11 5.56 Smith and Wesson 10202 -

Get the best deal on M&P-15 Sport II 5.56 16 Modern Sporting Rifles at GrabAGun! Order the Smith and Wesson M&P-15 Sport II Black 5.56 / .223 Rem 16-inch 30Rds online and save.