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The Magpul B.A.D. Lever: Is it a P.O.S., or a worthy addition to your AR? Watch and decide.

Mark installs the Magpul B.A.D. lever on an AR-15. Never using one before, he suspects it is just some more 'tactical jewelry' that parts a fool from his money... Watch him install and demonstrat...

Top five preferred weapon modifications - SOFREP (press release)

Everyone, civilian or military, who enjoys weapons loves to trick out their gun. We all have personal preferences to how we set up our firearms to cater to our own style of shooting. Maybe it’s technique that dictates specific placement of certain mods, it could be purpose-driven reasons for particular accessories, or maybe it’s just simple aesthetics and we like the way it makes the weapon...


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How to FIX a loose Magpul BAD Lever - YouTube

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My Magpul BAD Lever — the How and Why - The Mag Life

The rifle also has an ambidextrous safety and a Magpul BAD Lever. The Battery Assist Device (BAD) Lever is the part of my rifle that gets the most cheers and jeers for sure. It attaches to the bolt catch paddle on the left side of the rifle and extends down the receiver and then through the trigger guard to the right side of the rifle.

B.A.D. Lever, Worst Magpul Product Ever –

Issue 1: The Magpul BAD lever increases the incidence of 3 specific malfunctions. 1.) Failure of last round bolt hold open.2.) premature bolt drop 3.) Premature bolt hold open. We will start with number and progress 1.) Adding a BAD lever to a rifle does two things to the bolt release/stop- it increases its mass and it adds a lever arm to that mass.

(Magpul Emailed Me) Problem with Magpul B.A.D. Lever ...

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Best Aternative to Magpul BAD Lever? - Rifle - Technical ...

For the last year Ive had a Magpul BAD lever on my match rifle. When practicing for SMM3G recently, I noticed that my bolt would not always hold open on an empty mag. I traced the problem to the BAD lever itself, presumably due to the inertia of the added mass. Removing it solved the problem. Has...