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    XM-1 Folder Knife - 08/01/12

    An easy-to-access concealed knife can be an officer's or operator's saving grace when faced with a life and death encounter in the field — which is why Ontario Knife Company has introduced the ultimate combat knife — the Ontario Knife Company XM-1 


    Ontario Knife Company Model 4 Strap Cutter - 02/17/14

    The convenience and power that one tool granted can't be over-valued. So, when I received the Model 4 Strap Cutter from Ontario Knife Company for test and evaluation, I had to set aside my first thought of, “Test a strap cutter?” and consider all of


    Knife Giveaway from Up-Armored Knives - 02/03/12

    Just a quick FYI, Up Armored Knives is going to give away an Ontario XM-1 serrated folder and a t-shirt as soon as they reach 1,800 Facebook 'likes'. This particular paint scheme is something called toxic green, or Predator blood or something like that.


Ontario Knife Company - Online Knife Tool Kit | Buy Knives ... Ontario Knife Company is an international manufacturer of premium quality American-made knives, fixed blades, folding blades, tools, and cutlery.

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Ножи Ontario, США - Коллекционный складной нож из инструментальной стали d2 американского производства.

goknife 보기 : ONTARIO: OKC-10 Tanto Bayonet.. 219,000원

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