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Israeli Commando Knife Fighting - Fundamentals and Grip.

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Knife-fighting doesn't much resemble sword fighting. You won't bang blades or do much parrying in a knife fight, but it's still important to deflect what could be a devastating blow by sidestepping blows, turning 90 degrees to the outside of your opponent's striking arm, then using your other hand to grip your opponent's elbow and attempt to disarm them.

Basic Knife-Fighting Techniques | Into the Fray - USCCA

Good knife fighting is about taking away the attacker’s ability to fight. That means cutting the muscle groups that allow your attacker to wield a weapon or move effectively. Take away the attacker’s ability to move and you have successfully stopped the attack.

The basics of tactical knife fighting

Plant your feet in a balanced stance. The next basic element of knife fighting is the stance. Again, there is a lot of variation in the stance, but one of the most recommended stances is the fencer’s stance, which is also know as the triangle stance.

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