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Trijicon 3 Dot Front And Rear Night Sight Set for Kimber by Trijicon

  • Color: green front and rear dots
  • Professional installation recommended
  • Fits: kimber polymer custom, polymer stainless, Pro carry, Ultra...

Urban Carry G2 (Black, Captain) by Urban Carry Holsters

  • Master Carry Pro Pro Carry II Super Carry Pro Super Carry Ultra+...
  • CZ: 100B 110 75 Compact 75 D PCR compact 75 P-01 75 Semi Compact 82...
  • Fits: AMT: Automag II ARMALITE: AR-24K BERETTA: 8000 Cougar 8040F...

Kimber Eclipse Pro II (1911)- Overview/Range Test

Hey Youtube, thought I would share my new Kimber 1911 Eclipse Pro II model! Just a quick overview and some range footage of the first time out with it. I did experience some issues which...

The American Rifleman Ladies Pistol Project - American Rifleman (press release) (blog)

What has become known as “The Ladies Pistol Project” (LPP)—an internal code name assigned to one of the largest examinations by American Rifleman of the burgeoning interest in handguns by women—began as a simple question: Are certain models of handguns, regularly purported as “female friendly,” really that? And what exactly defines that term?

If you are reading this, odds...


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    06/06/18 ,via
  • Now on the Newsstands: Handguns April/May 2018 Issue

    03/08/18 ,via Handguns

    Walther packs a lot of pistol into the new Sub Compact version of its well-regarded PPQ. Walther PPQ. Kimber goes back to the drawing board to reconsider one of its iconic 1911 designs with their Eclipse Custom. Kimber Eclipse Custom. If you'd like to

  • Exclusive: Is this the Ultimate 10mm 1911? Kimber Super Jagare

    10/26/17 ,via Guns Magazine

    Kimber adds the “carry melt” treatment to do away with sharp edges. The slide is smooth up front, and this is because this pistol comes with a DeltaPoint Pro optic sight from Leupold, worth $519.00 on its own. The Super Jagare comes with an 8-round 

  • Kimber's Most Popular Firearms

    04/23/15 ,via Newsmax

    "The Illustrated Directory of Guns," by David Miller, explains that any Kimber firearm with the “II” suffix means that the weapon is fitted with the Kimber firing-pin safety system. describes it as being “the Swartz safety developed for

  • Kimber 1911s are what 1911s should be

    03/28/13 ,via

    Ah, now the Kimber Eclipse Target II and the Kimber Custom II are what 1911s should be. I say that after having had the pleasure of shooting a number of Kimber 1911s over the years and I must say that I have always been impressed with the quality and 


Kimber Eclipse Custom II .45ACP 5" Barrel

Southern California's Fishing, Hunting & Shooting Headquarters Since 1971. Top Brands, Huge Selection. Fast Shipping - Easy Returns. Shop Online Now!

Kimber Pro Crimson Carry II – The Gun Reviews

One wag defined compromise as the fine art of nobody getting what they really want.I used to believe that. Until now. Nope, self-defense fans, the Kimber Pro Crimson Carry II (henceforth “the Kimber” or “the Crimson Carry” cuz I’m tired of typing a name only a Microsoft product marketing manager could love) is that rarest of rare bird ...

Kimber Pro Carry Holsters Craft Holsters®

The complete list of 140 holsters custom made for Kimber Pro Carry with user reviews, monograms & 5 year warranty. Find your perfect fit today.

Kimber Pistols - The Armory

Kimber 1911 for sale pistols Page to order and Kimber handguns. Models include Kimber: Pro $686.00 and Ultra Carry $699.99 and Compact, Classic, Eclipse, CDP, TLE, Tactical, Stainless, Custom, Ultra Ten II, Target, and Royal.

Kimber's 2017 New Releases / Osage County Guns Blog

Special Editions & Custom Shop. There is a new Special Edition Kimber 1911 (3" model) called the Rose Gold Ultra II: Another new model is the Camp Guard 10, chambered in 10mm.