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In 2002, the Los Angeles Police Department began using a modified version of the Custom TLE II pistol made by Kimber. It became a standard issue sidearm for the LAPD SWAT unit and the Shooting Times noted that many other SWAT teams around the nation followed the LAPD's lead in adopting these pistols as their sidearm of choice.

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Kimber America | Custom TLE II

Kimber’s Custom TLE II pistol is the same 1911 that is carried by the LAPD SWAT; it is ideal for both duty carry and personal protection.

Kimber America | TLE II

The TLE family of pistols is ideal for duty carry, tactical applications and personal protection. These pistols come is .45 ACP, 10mm, and 9mm.

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For our firearm inventory only. Please contact or visit our retail stores for ammo and accessory prices and availability. Kimber 3000349 Aegis Elite Pro Pistol - 45ACP, 4 IN. Kimber Micro 9 KHX 3.15" 7RD. Kimber EVO SP 9MM 3.16in. Kimber EVO SP 9MM 3.16 in. GR/BLK 7RD. Kimber EVO SP Raptor 9mm 3.16in. 7rd.

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The Kimber Custom is an M1911 style semi-automatic pistol. It is designed, manufactured, and distributed by Kimber Manufacturing, Inc. in Yonkers, New York . 2 Custom TLE II. 3 ICQB, Warrior, and Desert Warrior. 4 Other Custom models. 5 Related models. 9 External links. The Custom is made in a variety of styles with different features and ...

Kimber 1911 Custom Pro TLE-RL II Review

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