Brightening Restorative Face Serum Oil For Fine lines Under Eye Face Wrinkles 1 FL.OZ(30ML) For Under Eye Dark Circles, Fine Lines, Face and Neck area Wrinkles, Uneven Skin Tones*

  • Free of Water,Parabens, Preservatives,...
  • For under eye dark circles, fine lines, face...
  • it protects skin against oxidative damage to...
  • This Restorative age defying beauty face oil...
  • Formulated with an essential nutrients rich...
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Other Benefits:
♪ Our oil blend is excellent at decreasing the appearance of lines and wrinkles while transforms the complexion from dull, uneven and pale to vibrant and glowing.
♪ Our oil blend has great benefits; it will gradually decrease under eye circles and puffiness.
♪ Our oil blend will also reduce swelling and puffiness in the face. Its anti-inflammatory effects reduce redness and blotchiness, resulting in an evening out of skin tone,
♪ Our oil blend minimizes shrink pore size and provides a healthy radiance to the skin.
♪ 100% toxins free and doesn't contain any kind of harsh chemicals
♪ Helps detoxify the skin
♪ Improving skin elasticity and suppleness
♪ Smoothes and soften skin texture and brightens the complexion
♪ Some studies shows, Alpha lipoic acid is one of the most powerful anti-aging, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory ingredent. It is 400 times stronger than vitamins E and C combined (both of which are renowned for their antioxidant properties).
♪ Ascobyl palmitate also known as, vitamin C ester is an antioxidant, a substance which fight against free radicals.Vitamin C ester also possesses superior ability to stimulate growth of the cells (fibroblasts) that help produce collagen and elastin, the strands of tissue that give the skin its strength and flexibility. It's an effective collagen builder and free-radical scavenging ingredient essential to healthy skin

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