1911 Full Size G10 Grips, Ambi for left and right handed, Ambi Safety Cut, Cool Hand Brand Grey/Black

  • 1. CNC machined from strong durable non...
  • 4. Meas. between two center holes : 3 1/16",...
  • 2. These grips fit most 1911 Full Size...
  • 5. For left and right handed, medium...
  • 3. USE: Tactical, IPSC, IDPA, etc.
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Phenolic Material
This grip was made out of G10, a modern composite material which is total impervious to water, oil, solvent and most common chemicals.
These advantages which wood can never give you.

Precise & Comfortable Fit
Functional and cool appearance led out from CNC machining which ensures precise fitting on your loved pistol.
In order to make sure the grips felt comfortable holding in hands, our workers hand break all sharp points that possibly bite in hands.
Ambi safety cut was a very tiny thin cut on the right panel, it even looks as great on a 1911 without ambi safety cut.

Classical Pistol Grips Type
This is a standard cut on 1911 full size with a beveled cut on the bottom edge, with MSH pin area cut around.

Ergonomic Design
This is our most ergonomic design.
Your hands feel holding in and give a very firm solid still comfortable grip feeling.
You will feel like a glove fit matter you are left or right handed .

Precise Size Control
Measurement between two center holes are 3 1/16", thickness is 1/4".

Widely Fit Models
These grips fit all full size 1911 pistols by Colt, Kimber, Springfield, Remington, Sig, Taurus, Ruger SR1911, Rock Island, Wilson, Smith & Wesson and more.

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