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    - 11/20/17
  • America's 1st Freedom (press release) (blog) America's 1st Freedom (press release) (blog)

    Exercise Your Freedom | Glock G17 & G19 Gen5

    America's 1st Freedom (press release) (blog) - 11/01/17

    We're certainly fans of the Glock marque, but we can't truthfully say we were anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Gen5s. Well, we should have been. This feature appears in the November '17 One of the few clear needs that did remain was a lefty


    Full Conceal now shipping M3 foldable Glock 19 (VIDEO) - 11/13/17

    Just 3.6-inches high when folded, the M3 uses a 21-round Magpul PMAG GL9 magazine to fill in for part of the grip when extended. The modified frame utilizes a folding trigger safety that prevents the trigger bar from moving and engaging the sear, a

  • Shooting Illustrated (press release) (blog) Shooting Illustrated (press release) (blog)

    Review: Walther CCP

    Shooting Illustrated (press release) (blog) - 11/11/17

    Basically, instead of having the slide mechanically locked to the barrel like in a normal recoil-operated pistol, there's a small gas port in the barrel, just ahead of the chamber mouth. As the Walther CCP fires, high-pressure gas is bled through this

  • American Rifleman (press release) (blog) American Rifleman (press release) (blog)

    A First Look at 2018's New Guns

    American Rifleman (press release) (blog) - 11/13/17

    The pistol's design seemed ahead of its time with its sleek reduced mass slide, lowered bore axis for reduced felt recoil and comfortable grip that fit a wide range of hand sizes. Just as Caracal was poised to give Glock, Springfield and Smith & Wesson


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