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Deltac® Extended Plate Lever for Glock Gen1 to Gen4 by Deltac®

  • laser cut and machined
  • Will not work with Glock 36, 43 or 42 models or any GEN5.
  • High quality, Made from 4130 steel for strength, these will last a...


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Fixxxer extended Best Grip angle Lock for ALL Glock Models and Generations 1-4 Excluding G36, G42, or G43 MODELS (extended takedown plate) by Fixxxer

  • The Unique low profile design is approximately flush with the...
  • FITS ALL Glock models Gen 1-4, WILL NOT FIT G36, G42, or G43 MODELS
  • Fixxxer Brand


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Fixxxer Extended Stainless Steel Best Grip Angle Lock for All Glock Models and Generations 1-4 Excluding G36, G42, or G43 Models (Extended Takedown Plate) by Fixxxer

  • Fixxxer Brand
  • The Unique low profile design is approximately flush with the...
  • Extended and ANGLED to allow Best Grip results and easier disassembly


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Extended Stainless Steel Slide Lock Lever for all Glock Models Gen 1-4 Excluding Model G 36 by BASTION

  • Made from Stainless Steel
  • Will not interfere with any holster
  • Extended to allow easier slide removal


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Meprolight Glock Tru-Dot Night Sight for 9mm, .357 Sig, .40 S&W . 45 GAP. Fixed Set. Green Rear Sight with Green Front Sight by Meprolight

  • Made of highest quality material
  • Meprolight Glock 9/357/Sig/40/45GAP g/g fixed set td
  • Manufacturer: Meprolight

Extended Slide Lock Lever

Available at - search item #GESL01. We now offer an extended slide lock that will aid in field stripping your Glock. This custom, stainless steel part is 3mm longer than the...

Pentagon docs reveal Army MHS plagued with problems -

The Army’s Modular Handgun System hasn’t all been smooth sailing, according to recently released Pentagon documents indicating persistent problems with the Sig Sauer platform.

An annual fiscal report released by the Pentagon’s Office of the Director of Operational Test and Evaluation detailed potential issues with the Sig Sauer XM17 and XM18 platforms. Among those listed were drop...


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    10/01/18 ,via
  • Review: SIG Sauer P365 Micro Compact

    Even the most “tacticool” folks I knew, the sort who regularly CCW'ed full-size M&Ps or Glock G34s with slide-mounted red-dot sights and SureFire X300U lights, snatched up these little things to carry in workout clothes or when extreme concealment was

  • Tested: Glockmeister Custom Glock G40 Gen4 MOS 10 mm Pistol

    I'm pretty sure I sounded just like him when I told Mr. Miller that even though just about any model would do the trick, what I really wanted to build was a long-slide G40 10 mm with a custom feature package and extended magazines! He was This

  • Building a Custom Glock Pistol at Home

    The Competition models, also known as the 'Practical Tacticals', are built with Standard frames and fitted with a 5.31" barrels and a weight reduced slides. The Longslide models, including the G40 shown here, sport 6.02" barrels and full-weight

  • Real Post Game Show - Patriots fall to the Jags, 31-20, in a real mess of a matchup 9-16-18

    09/16/18 ,via WEEI (blog)

    Suddenly Glock is contained because they can put two guys on him now you're very limited and you can do you have a great running game. He would do right you don't They got way also remember he's the weight drop on Brady there was no cold air so

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RYG Extended Slide Lock Chrome For Gen 1-5 Item: RYG-ESLLC. In Stock. Manufacturer: $11.95 The RYG extended slide lock has angled cutouts on the ends for maximum finger grip when field stripping even with slippery or oily hands.

Extended Slide Lock | The Leading Glock Forum and ...

I didn't realize there was that much of a variation with them. I've seen the aftermarket ones advertised and couldn't imagine wanting one. My first-run (1995) G27 and fresh Gen4 G23 both have a slide lock such that I can use the two most awkward fingers to activate it without difficulty (offhand pinky and ring finger).

Gen 5 Extended Slide Lock Install | The Leading Glock ...

Seems to be a lot of confusion between what is the slide lock and what is the slide release lever. I once had a machine shop instructor that wouldn’t left me touch a lathe, milling machine or drill press until by test I could know and identify all component parts. Know your firearm!! Click to ... glock 19 extended slide release

Fixxxer extended Best Grip angle Lock for ALL Glock Models and Generations 1-4 Excluding G36, G42, or G43 MODELS (extended takedown plate) : Glock Slide Lock Spring 19, 23, 32 ...

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I Love U
If Loving You Is Wrong, I Don't Want to Be Right................... LOL I am Nuts, I know! =P Lightning Strike Trigger Ghost Inc 3.5LB Rocket Connector Kit Lone Wolf Chrome 2 pin kit Titanium Safety plunger Chrome...
Photo by ZORIN DENU on Flickr
glock g17 ld2 federalhst glockstore gavtechfirearms
Glock 17 modifications
GAVTech Firearms titanium-nitride coated threaded match grade barrel, gold plated stainless steel pins, Pyramid trigger, extended slide lock lever, extended slide stop lever, Trijicon HD sights, USMC slide plate,...
Photo by hukuzatuna on Flickr
Phase I of Iron Man Glock build
Tungesten carbide guide rod and 17 lb. recoil sprint, USMC slide plate, extended slide lock lever, extended slide stop lever, beavertail grip, and red extended mag release button.
Photo by hukuzatuna on Flickr