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Glock Entrenching E-Tool and KYDEX Sheath Review

The Glock Entrenching Tool or E-Tool is a unique shovel that folds down small to make it easy to carry with you either camping, backpacking, or keep in your car without taking up space....

Military kit through the ages: from the Battle of Hastings to Helmand -

5 Gas mask container

6 Gas mask

7 Non Commissioned ranks hat

8 Notebook and service warrant card

9 Battledress tunic – note stripes on sleeve denote rank

10 Mess tins

11 Tin opener and can of food, appears to be tinned stewed apple

12 Oxo cubes

13 Bar of chocolate

14 Bar of soap

15 Water flask

16 Belt




GLOCK Perfection | Entrenching tool

The surface-treated spade blade of the GLOCK Entrenching tool has no welding or rivets, and can be locked in three different positions turning into a shovel or a spade. A hardened saw blade with screwdriver tip is stored in the telescopic polymer handle and can be firmly attached to the handle. : Glock Entrenching Tool with Saw and Pouch ...

The Glock Entrenching Tool with pouch is a must have for any outdoor enthusiast. This innovative entrenching tool has a surface-treated blade that can be locked in three positions for multiple uses. The hardened saw located inside the handle can be quickly mounted if required.

Glock Entrenching Tool Review - The Good, Bad, and The Ugly!

Glock Entrenching Tool Review - My full review of the Glock made entrenching tool… how good is it? What do you need to know about it? What test did it fail? Watch my full video review for the ...

Glock Entrenching E Tool and KYDEX Sheath Review

Glock Entrenching E Tool and KYDEX Sheath Review, Glock Entrenching E Tool and KYDEX Sheath Review.

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As a GLOCK owner, we want to make sure you have all the tools to protect your GLOCK pistol, and get the most out of it. CARING FOR YOUR GLOCK Caring for Your GLOCK. Cleaning Your GLOCK. Handing Down Your GLOCK. Storing Your GLOCK. Warranty ...