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In this video I show you how the G.O.T. Glock Operator's Tool by Code 9 Evolution works. The G.O.T, or Glock Operator's Tool, is a 5 function multi-tool for assembly and disassembly of ALL...

Gun Review: SAR 9 by Sarsılmaz is a 9mm worth noticing (VIDEO) -

At SHOT Show 2017, an impending product release caught my eye—the SAR 9 , a striker-fired 9mm pistol from Turkish aerospace products producer Sarsılmaz. I was fortunate to get my hands on one of the first 50 copies in the US via Illinois office of UTAS Defense, a Turkish company.

The SAR9 is a polymer frame pistol with a 4.4-inch “alloyed forged steel barrel and slide,” according...


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Glock Disassembly Tool | Best Glock Accessories ...

The simple punch is the right size to work all of the Glock pins and helps facilitate breakdown. The Glock disassembly tool is an official Glock product and is part of the issued equipment given to Glock Certified Armorers. The Glock disassembly tool will work on all Glock pistols.

Disassembly Tool for Glock | Best Glock Accessories ...

• Hardened steel 3/32" or 2.5mm punch tool for all Glock® pistols. Designed to remove the pins and disassemble the Glock® frame, slide, and the magazine into their individual components. • The opposite end of the tool includes a 3/16" hex nut driver for removing/installing factory and aftermarket Glock® front sights.

GLOCK Disassembly Tool | GLOCK USA

GLOCK Disassembly Tool; GLOCK Disassembly Tool. More Views. GLOCK Disassembly Tool. $5.00. 1 Review(s) | Add Your Review. Availability: In stock. Pin punch with chamfered end & GLOCK handle. ... Great tool to have along with a roll of tape to punch out those pesky Glock pins! Best price out there.

Glock GT03374 Disassembly Takedown Tool Punch

Simply put the Glock Armor Takedown Tool Punch assists in the disassembling of your Glocks magazine and sights. If you own a Glock you need a Glock tool. This thing allows you to punch pins and readjust parts. Disassembling a Glock is fairly simple. This is due to Glocks simple design and economy of parts.

Magazine Disassembly Tool for Glock Magazines - YouTube

No two ways about it, taking your magazines apart can be a real pain. Unless, of course, you have the new Double Diamond M. D. T., aka the Magazine Disassemb...