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Glock Gen4 Beavertail Backstrap Kit G17,22,31,34,35, and 37 by Glock

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Glock Gen4 Beavertail Backstrap Kit G23/19/32 by Glock

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New Grip Force Gen 1 2 3 Glock BeaverTail Adapter 17, 19, 22, 23, 24, 31, 32, 34, 35, 37, 38 by Grip Force Adapters

  • Allows shooters a higher grip for better control.
  • Adapts a Beavertail to you Glock


  • Gen4 back strap replacement kit

Installing a beavertail backstrap on a Glock Gen4

Installing a beavertail backstrap on a Glock Gen4. This can be a painful and frustrating experience, and the bad news is that you'll have to go through it each and every time you completely...

TALON Grips Launches G19 and G17 Gen5 Glock Grips - AmmoLand Shooting Sports News

The evolution of TALON Grips is highlighted with the introduction of the new Gen5 Glock grips. “The absence of finger grooves on the Gen5 Glock resulted in a TALON Grip design that provides comprehensive grip area coverage in a very durable design” said Mike Morris president of TALON Grips. He continued, “Our inhouse design, prototyping, production, and product testing enabled us to move...


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    06/07/18 ,via
  • Shooting Fundamentals

    Ideally, the hands should wrap around the gun and the web of your hand be high on the tang, also known as the back strap or beavertail. This placement allows equal light or spacing. Some weapons have sights that are thicker than others—Glocks are one.

  • TALON Grips Launches G19 and G17 Gen5 Glock Grips

    Specific grips are available for each backstrap option including no backstrap, the medium backstrap/beavertail, and the large backstrap/beavertail. The variety of grip sizes offered ensures a perfect fit regardless of which backstrap is selected by the

  • TFB FIRST LOOK: The New Gen5 GLOCK 17 And Gen5 GLOCK 19

    Thats not to say that the Gen5 changes are insignificant – from the crown of the barrel to the magazine well, GLOCK has tweaked an already proven design and made it better (my opinion here). Are the new guns as drastic or groundbreaking as some would 

  • Hogue Inc Announces GLOCK 26 & 27 HandALL Beavertail Grip Sleeve

    The beavertail built into the grip sleeve rises high along the backstrap of the frame. This provides full rubber contact with the hand allowing a higher hand-placement on the grip. In addition to protection and comfort, the beavertail also cushions the


GLOCK Beavertail Backstrap Replacement Kit Gen 4 G19/23/32 ...

Detailed Description: WILL WORK ON GEN4 & GEN5!!!! GLOCK Beavertail Backstrap Replacement Kit Gen4 G19/23/32 & Gen5 G19. Glock’s GEN4 replacement backstrap kit comes complete with the standard and beavertail 2mm and 4mm backstraps. Includes trigger housing pin and multifunction clip tha - Products - Glock

Beavertail Modular Backstrap Kit 19, 23, 32 Gen.4 Item: SP30820 In Stock Manufacturer: Glock Inc. $25.95 The Glock original beavertail backstrap kit for the Gen. 4 Glock pistols G-19,23, & 32.

Anyone using the beavertail backstrap on gen 4 19? | The ...

Since I ruled out using no backstrap after shooting all over the target, Ive been experimenting with the backstraps and they keep playing mind tricks...

Glock beavertail vs Grip Force Adapter | The Leading Glock ...

Morning Ace135; The Grip Force Adapter package should come with 2 beavertail grips. The smooth one fits the Gen 3 & fits the Gen4 that has the medium backstrap installed.

Custom Glocks & Glock Modifications | Robar Guns

Robar® can customize every aspect of your Glock, from the metal finish to the grip to the mechanics. View all of the Glock finishes and gunsmithing we provide.