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LESS-LETHAL Shotgun Rounds - What's it like being shot by them?

In this video we test out two types of less-lethal shotgun rounds. The lead shot-filled bean bag round and the all rubber Stabili-Shock rubber bullet. You definitely do not want to be...

Did US Special Forces Shoot a Truck Driver in Afghanistan? - New York Times

“Anyone who was there would say that it was within our rules of engagement, and the whole video gives context,” the soldier, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told The New York Times. “It was a vehicle in the American convoy, and we had standard operating procedure with a shotgun carried in our vehicle’s turret loaded with less than lethal rounds.” His statement could not be...


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Bean bag round - Wikipedia

Description. The bean bag round consists of a small fabric "pillow" filled with #9 lead shot weighing about 40 grams (1.4 oz). It is fired from a normal 12-gauge shotgun.When fired, the bag is expelled at around 70 to 90 metres per second (230 to 300 ft/s); it spreads out in flight and distributes its impact over about 6 square centimetres (1 sq in) of the target.

Bean Bag Shotgun Rounds, 12 gauge Bean Bag Rounds

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Less Lethal Loudout: Shotgun Bean Bag Rounds - AmmoMan ...

The rounds we’ll be testing are the “Iron Fist” 12 gauge shotgun bean bag round from It consists of a shotgun shell with a fibrous disk at one end to push the contents out of the muzzle, a small cloth bag filled with lead shot and a clear plastic cap at the other end to keep everything in-place until fired.

Drag Stabilized™ 12-Gauge Bean Bag Round - Defense Technology

Drag Stabilized™ 12-Gauge Bean Bag Round. The Drag Stabilized™ 12-Gauge Round is a translucent 12-Gauge shell loaded with a 40-Gram tear shaped bag made from a cotton and ballistic material blend and filled with #9 shot. This design utilizes four stabilizing tails and utilizes smokeless powder as the propellant. The 12-Gauge Drag Stabilized ...

Less-Lethal: Bean-Bag Rounds - Weapons - POLICE Magazine

The shotgun bean bag is a target-specific, flexible, single projectile that is intended as a "point-of-aim, point-of-impact" munition. The bag itself, usually configured square or oblong, is often constructed of a cotton or nylon blend material filled with approximately 26 to 56 grams of lead shot. ... Although not always effective, nor always ...