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TEKCAM Shooting Rest Bag Set Outdoor Rifle Target Sports Bench Steady Unfilled Front & Rear Bags for Shooting Hunting by TEKCAM

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LESS-LETHAL Shotgun Rounds - What's it like being shot by them?

In this video we test out two types of less-lethal shotgun rounds. The lead shot-filled bean bag round and the all rubber Stabili-Shock rubber bullet. You definitely do not want to be...

Did US Special Forces Shoot a Truck Driver in Afghanistan? - New York Times

“Anyone who was there would say that it was within our rules of engagement, and the whole video gives context,” the soldier, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told The New York Times. “It was a vehicle in the American convoy, and we had standard operating procedure with a shotgun carried in our vehicle’s turret loaded with less than lethal rounds.” His statement could not be...


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    02/09/18 ,via
  • Did US Special Forces Shoot a Truck Driver in Afghanistan?

    01/12/18 ,via New York Times

    It is a lightweight shotgun, sometimes carried by Special Forces and other ground troops. The shotgun is frequently used in close-quarters combat and for breaching doors in raids. skip ad. The soldier who spoke to The Times said the round that was

  • Military investigating shooting in newly leaked Afghan combat video

    01/10/18 ,via Politico

    In particular, they could not tell from the footage whether the shotgun shell was a “lethal” round or a less dangerous “non-lethal” one, such as one designed for breaching doors or windows. “With the shotgun engagement, you figure it is a lethal round

  • Woman arrested in Cortez after allegedly attacking deputies

    01/24/18 ,via The Journal

    Oxley shot at it twice, using a shotgun loaded with beanbag rounds, which chased the dog away from the area. Baughman reportedly got out of the vehicle to tell the dog to attack again, and Hill shot her with a stun gun. Cortez police officers and

  • Rock Springs Man Arrested After Standoff With Deputies

    01/12/18 ,via Kgab

    A 48-year-old Rock Springs man is behind bars following a standoff with Sweetwater County Sheriff's deputies on Wednesday, according to a spokesman for the Sweetwater County Sheriff's Department. Dick Blust says Fred Wilkening Jr. (shown in photo) was


Bean Bag Shotgun Rounds, 12 gauge Bean Bag Rounds

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Shotgun - Wikipedia

A shotgun (also known as a scattergun, or historically as a fowling piece) is a firearm that is usually designed to be fired from the shoulder, which uses the energy ...

12 gauge shotgun shell (Fallout: New Vegas) | Fallout Wiki ...

Variants Edit 12 gauge, bean bag Edit. Bean bag rounds are less-than-lethal shotgun ammunition commonly used by law enforcement to quell riot situations.

Riot gun - Wikipedia

Ammunition. Less-lethal launchers can fire various sorts of ammunition: Impact projectile. These rely on kinetic energy, e.g. baton rounds, bean bag rounds, rubber ...

The injury pattern of a new law enforcement weapon: The ...

The injury pattern of a new law enforcement weapon: The police bean bag * **