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Sightmark LoPro Green Laser Designator - Dark Earth by Sightmark

  • And Lt;5Mw green laser
  • Weaver/Picatinny mount
  • Dark earth color



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Sightmark SM25004 Lopro Combo Green Laser/220 lm Flashlight by Sightmark

  • Weatherproof
  • Hand adjustable windage/Elevation adjustments
  • Reliable and durable


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Sightmark LoPro Green Laser Designator Sight by Sightmark

  • Push Button Or Pressure Pad Operation
  • Weaver/Picatinny Mount
  • Class IIIA Laser Product, 5mW power output


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Firefield FF25003 Green Laser Designator by Firefield

  • Turns traditional RifleScope into night vision RifleScope...
  • Focusable beam from spot to Flood
  • Class IIIA laser; 5mW or less



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Steiner eOptics Model DBAL-I2 Dual Beam Aiming Laser Intelligent (Green Laser), Black by Steiner

  • LOW-LIGHT AND NIGHTTIME PRECISION - The intelligent, dual beam...
  • GUN ACCESSORY - Featuring pre-drilled mounting for optional red dot...
  • WARRANTY - Covers defects in materials and workmanship for 2 years...

Laser Designator

A quick overview of a Laser Designator and its use.

The U.S. Navy's Persian Gulf Patrol Boats, Armed With Laser ... - War Is Boring

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  • The U.S. Navy’s Persian Gulf Patrol Boats Just Got Laser-Guided Missiles

    The U.S. Navy is completing a host of...



Laser designator - Wikipedia

A laser designator is a laser light source which is used to designate a target. Laser designators provide targeting for laser-guided bombs, missiles, or precision artillery munitions, such as the Paveway series of bombs, AGM-114 Hellfire, or the M712 Copperhead round, respectively.

ND3 Green Laser Designator for Military, Law Enforcement ...

The compact ND-3® Laser Designator - The Ultimate Alternative to Night Vision. The ND-3®® Laser Designator uses patented technology to create true night vision and turns your scoped rifle into a night hunter.

ND3 Long-distance Laser Designator With a powerful green laser and precision optics, the ND3 casts a bright beam, fully illuminating targets at up to 250 yards ...

Laser Genetics ND3P

THE ULTIMATE SELF DEFENSE LASER LIGHT The ND3-P Laser Designator uses advanced green laser technology to create true night vision and turns your scoped rifle into a night hunter.

Laser Designator | eBay

Laser Designator box with Red and Green Lasers, includes a Remote Pressure Switch. • Includes a Remote Pressure Switch with a 3.5mm mini jack that plugs into the side jack port of the Designator box... NcStar VLGSNVQRB Tactical Offset Designator Green Laser Mount w/ Navigation LED. $89.99. Buy It Now.

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Lightweight Laser Designator Rangefinder (LLDR)
The Lightweight Laser Designator Rangefinder (LLDR) is a man-portable, modular target locator that designates high-priority targets with precision munitions using the Target Locator Module (TLM) and the Laser...
infantry 1st division
Lightweight Laser Designator Range Finder
Pfc Rossen, a Soldier with Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, Fort Riley, Kansas, looks through a Lightweight Laser Designator Range Finder to determine...
Photo by The U.S. Army on Flickr
Jackie Chen, of Seattle, middle, takes a turn looking through a Lightweight Laser Designator Rangefinder with her sons Chiyat Leung, 6, left, and Chio Leung, 8, right, during the annual JBLM Armed Forces Day...
Photo by Joint Base Lewis McChord on Flickr