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ESS Eye Pro CROSSBOW: Torture Test

Wow this was fun to do. I've been looking for a long time for ballistic glasses that didn't distort, didn't fog, fit well and could easily integrate into my current gear. After trying on all...

ESS CROSSBOW Eyeshield Kit Review -

Our eyes are one of our most valued senses, and for those Military, Police and Fire/EMS personnel, that sense must be protected. We depend on our sight to do our job, so having a good set of eye protection is a must. Although I had heard of Eye Safety Systems, Inc. (ESS), I had never worn a pair. For review, I received the ESS Crossbow 2X™ Dual-Eyeshield Kit, which included the following:...


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Crossbow - Ballistic Eyeshields | ESS EyePro

ESS goggles have revolutionized the way military personnel and fire and rescue teams view eye protection. Winner of the US DOD Combat eye Protection (CEP) Solicitation. The only commercial goggles approved for use in the US Army. ESS Eyewear Cross Series Crossbow 2X Kit 740 ...

When you try on the ESS Crossbow, you'll discover it's unlike any other ballistic eyeshield. Experience the Tri-Tech Fit frame that achieves an amazing universal fit with max comfort and zero pressure points. Then notice the lenses. They won't fog.

Crossbow Matte Black x2 w/Clear & w/Smoke Gray | ESS EyePro

As part of the ESS Cross-Series ™ eyeshield platform, all Crossbow® components are compatible and fully interchangeable with the ESS Crosshair™ and ESS Suppressor ™. For example, you can upgrade a Crosshair ™ to premium Crossbow ® anti-fog lenses—including ANSI-rated Polarized—or adapt for hearing protection use with the ultra-thin Suppressor ™ frame.

ESS CROSSBOW Eyeshield Kit Review | Officer

ESS Crossbow 2X™ Dual-Eyeshield Kit is priced at $105, and the ESS Universal Rx System (URx) is priced at $37.50 on the ESS website. If you order the ESS Universal Rx System (URx) from their ...

ESS - Crossbow Suppressor™ Eyeshields

ESS – Crossbow Suppressor™ Eyeshields The ESS Crossbow Suppressor™ is the first spectacle frame designed for use with ear cup hearing protection and communications devices. Featuring Z-Bend™ Geometry, the frame's ultra-thin temple arms help keep noise out by minimizing the effect on the padded seal of ear cups.

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