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Mil Dot Vs BDC Reticle Which One Is For You

This video provides a basic description of the BDC or bullet drop compensating reticle and the Mil Dot reticle to help you compare and decide which would be right for you and your application....

Trijicon and Primary Arms collaboration | The ACOG with ACSS reticle - SOFREP (press release)

First, the ACOG. The A dvanced C ombat O ptical G unsite is a compact, fixed power scope of the “prismatic” design variety. Rather than using a series of lenses (and a long tube), a prismatic scope uses a glass prism to focus the image. The result is a much more compact scope, though one with a generally shorter eye...


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The Straight Dope on Bullet Drop Comepensator (BDC) Scopes

Things like muzzle velocity, bullet type, and altitude will affect how quickly a bullet drops as it flies downrange. This means that, to get the best performance out of your BDC scope, you’ll have to use the same barrel length and bullet type that the scope was designed for, and, for maximum accuracy, you’ll even need to shoot at the same altitude that the BDC was calibrated for due to differences in air density.

The 4 Best Bullet Drop Compensator Scopes 2018 Reviews ...

The Vortex Strike Eagle is one of the most sought after bullet drop compensating scopes on the market. It features a glass-etched reticle to make it more reliable and durable. The illuminated reticle also has multiple adjustments. The material quality of the Vortex Strike Eagle is awesome. It is tough and well-designed optic to use.

A Premier Guide to the Bullet Drop Compensation Scopes

Bullet drop compensation scopes use a specific reticle pattern to indicate how far bullets drop over a given distance. When we look through a scope, the reticle has multiple aiming points that are stacked under the main crosshair. We can even say that a BDC reticle is like multiple reticles inside the main reticle.

Bullet Drop Compensation Scopes | Sportsman's Guide

Axeon Second Zero Bullet Drop Compensator System, 330 Yds., Bell Mount, Fits Scopes 40-44mm. Buyer's Club $44.99 Non-Member $49.99. Be the first to write a review! Quick View / / Axeon Second Zero Bullet Drop Compensator System, 530 Yds., Bell Mount, Fits Scopes 50-58mm ...

The 4 Best Nikon BDC Scopes – Reviews 2020

The Nikon BDC BDC or Bullet Drop Compensator reticle has become increasingly popular as BDC reticles of all types have entered the marketplace. Designed to allow you to dial in your scope once, and then place shots at further known distances without adjusting your elevation, BDC scopes have strengths and limitations which we will discuss later.