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TLO Outdoors Paracord Gun Sling - Adjustable 2-Point Paracord Sling Rifle, Shotgun Crossbows (550 Rated Nylon, Kernmantle Paracord, Extra Wide, Sunset Orange)

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Product Details
  • Color:
    Sunset Orange
  • Manufacturer:
    TLO Outdoors
Product Features
  • TYPE III 550 Paracord lightweight, comfortable nylon, kernmantle rope rated to hold up to 550 lbs
  • SURVIVAL and FIRST AID: Use as KERNMANTLE ROPE, TOURNIQUET, shoestrings, belts, suspenders, hoists
  • PERFECT as a rifle sling, shotgun sling, and can be used as a CROSSBOW SLING STRAP.
  • 2-POINT sling ADJUST EASILY with HIGH QUALITY, METAL BUCKLES and SWIVELS adjusting from 33" to 44"
Product Description
Tactical 2-Point Adjustable Paracord Gun Sling for Rifles, Shotguns, Crossbows, and Survival About The Slings TLO Outdoors presents our premium collection of adjustable, 2-point 550-rated paracord gun slings. Our high-quality paracord slings were created as a functional, traditional, tactical sling that also functions as a survival tool. The slings are perfect for your guns including rifles, shotguns. They also work perfectly as a crossbow sling or crossbow strap. With numerous colors and styles to choose from, each sling has over 17 inches of high quality, woven paracord and has a beautiful leather patch featuring the TLO Outdoors logo. We use the strongest 550-rated paracord (rated to hold up to 550 pounds of static weight) with adjustable metal buckles and swivels that easily attach to your rifle, shotgun, or crossbow. Adjustable and Extra Wide TLO's gun slings easily adjusts from 33" to 44". For extra comfort, our gun slings are wider than most paracord gun slings, adding an extra 1/4" to width. SURVIVAL TOOL Your parcaord rifle sling doubles as survival gear, allowing you to suspend up to 550 pounds or be utilized as clothing, belts, suspenders, clotheslines, pulley systems, ropes, and first aid functions such as tourniquets. SAFETY WARNING [Note: "550-rating" or "550-paracord" refers to it's ability to hold up to 550 pounds of static weight. It is not designed as a climbing rope.] ABOUT TLO OUTDOORS TLO Outdoors is an outdoor brand specializing in hunting, fishing, and shooting sports. In addition, TLO Outdoors is a large, popular online community for hunting, fishing, and outdoor sports loves. TLO is an acronym for "The Love Of" and represents The Love Of the outdoors. WARRANTY TLO Outdoors offers an exclusive ONE YEAR WARRANTY on our series of Paracord Gun Slings.

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